10 Amazing Nail Designs You Need to Try

Alright, So I will be straight up with y’all – I am too lazy to do any of these, perhaps because I know they would end up looking like I was dumpster diving behind Hobby Lobby with sticky fingers. I do, however admire the women out there who do have the patience and talent to do insanely detailed nail designs. Take a look at my absolute favorite designs on the web:


Shattered Glass Nails

Mesmerizing and Unique! This shattered glass look will have you staring at your nails all day long without the 7 years of bad luck. Check out this video tutorial!

Kiwi Nails

Kiwi nails tutorial

Adorable and mind-blowingly simple. I tend to think watermelon nails are the cutest but how unique are these Kiwi nails?! Here is the 411 on how to get this look: Nail Art Designs

galaxy nails neon

I know what you’re thinking – you are thinking to yourself “Wow, I am so glad that I read Crystal’s blog because she shares some pretty awesome fingernail goo ideas!” – and you know what? I am glad too, friend. Now don’t get too excited that you get distracted, go ahead and get this look with this step by step guide at: Imgur

Ladybug Nails


I hate bugs – unless they are polka-dotted ladies. Check out the tutorial here at Lucy’s Stash

Marble Nails

marble nails

Alright, so don’t lose all your marbles over these because if you do, you won’t be able to give yourself this amazing manicure. Oh-My-Gosh, ain’t it cute!? Do it now: EDITed

Newspaper Nails

newspaper nails fake news

This is NOT fake news. You can actually rock these awesome morning paper-inspired nails in minutes by following the easy steps in this tutorial: The Indian Spot.

Sprinkle Nails

Sprinkle Nails

Do you love donuts? Or are you just super sweet? Either way, these cute little speckled claws will inspire the ultimate sweet tooth. These are actually super easy to do if you follow the steps here at Nail Arts Design

Rainbow Ombre Nails

Unique, stylish, cute, girly, and absolutely beautiful – Check out the video tutorial now at Nail Art Designs

Foil Nails

Well, these are an absolute game changer. I just may try this one because it looks SO cool! Tutorial: So Nailicious 

Mermaid Nails

Anything inspired by mermaids is going to look fabulous, and these nails definitely do look fabulous. What a perfect summer look! Learn how to master this under the sea look here at The Mercurial Magpie.

Okay, I lied, not 10, but 11 – so last but not least, my all-time favorite of the bunch:

Unicorn Skin Nails

Not only does Cristine (Simply Nailogical) do the most amazing nail tutorials on the planet, but she is hilarious and makes jokes as she gives you the steps. All of her videos are super fun to watch and every single one of her nail tutorials are amazing. I think I will end this blog post by simply posting her awesome tagline: “It’s time to paint you nails…and have some fun before you die.”

Now go doodle on your digits!

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