10 Awesome Game of Thrones Products

Winter has come, and Season 7 of “Game of Thrones” has begun. In celebration, I sailed and surfed the net and found some GoT merch that all fans of the show will surely love. Sadly, we are on the last season and I must admit, I am a wee bit sad. I actually am having a hard time predicting how it will end., hmmm. (I haven’t read the books).

Anyways, Before this season ends get yourself something nice. Like one of these GoT items I found:

1. “Dinner is Coming” Apron

Get it: Amazon  Price: $27.95

Brilliant, right? A perfect way to publically display your love for all things GoT. (Psst, look  matching cutting board). If I knew how to BBQ, I would wear this with pride and strut around like a glorious Stark who is preparing dragon eggs for dinner.

Game of Thrones Apron

2. Mother of Dragons Backpack

If you love Daenerys Targaryen, then you will love this. I know I do.  Definitely fit for a Khaleesi!

Get it: ThinkGeek  Price: $59.99


Mother of Dragons Backpack

3. Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister

This is just awesome because I personally think that the dragon eggs that were featured in the show were quite beautiful! If only it came in purple covered in glitter. (No?, Okay Okay).

Get it:  Hot Topic    Price: $27.65

Game of Thrones Cookie Jar Egg

4. Hodor Door Stopper

This item needs no introduction. #nuffsaid

Get it:  Art Collective   Price: $12.00

Game of Thrones Hodor

5. Game of Thrones Fidget Spinner

Get it: Aliexpress  Price: $4.97

So, I haven’t jumped on the fidget spinner bandwagon but if that is your thing, then this is obviously the coolest one you could possibly get. 🙂

Game of Thrones Fidget Spinner

6. Game of Thrones Door Mat

Get it: Etsy   Price: $38.00

Oh Wowza!! Pardon me but I literally am just now seeing this for the first time and I am sold!). This door mat is insanely adorably hardcore and of course, you can customize it with your own last name. Love!

Game of Thrones Rug Door Mat Custom

7.  “I’m not a princess, I’m a Khaleesi” Lanyard

Get it: Amazon  Price: $8.99

I actually have a shirt that says this so maybe I am biased toward this product because it would definitely match my shirt, but you gotta admit that you think it’s cute. 🙂

Khaleesi Princess Game of Thrones Lanyard

8. Game of Thrones Family Crests Blanket

Get it: Amazon  Price: $36.95

An epic looking throw featuring the family crests. You can be sure this will keep you warm during this last GoT winter.

House Game of Thrones Blanket

9. Color-Changing Mug

Beautiful mug that features the faces when your drink is hot, and makes them disappear when it’s cold. This mug blows all the other GoT mugs out of the water. What would you prefer to fill it with? Hot Chocolate or Iced Tea? Tough call because I like how they both look!

Get it: Amazon   Price: $29.95

Game of Thrones Mug Hot Cold

10. Game of Thrones Trivia Game

This girl right here is all about trivia. Trivia games are literally the best. Look, You may need this one day. Just imagine you are hanging out with some friends arguing about who is the biggest GoT fan, someone says”HA-HA! Um.. I know waaaaay more than you!!” then “Umm, No, I know more than you!!!”, then “But I am the number 1 Game of Thrones fan of all time!!”, and then finally someone will say “PROVE IT”. Here is the good news: All you gotta do is gleefully skip to your room, grab this GoT trivia game and “demand trial by combat” Bam. Done. Winning!

Get it: Amazon  Price: $33.55

Game of Thrones Game Fun


Last but not least some Game of Thrones cookies. You can’t buy these because they are out of stock, but I figured I would post a photo of them anyways because I am super hungry right now. Thanks Bumbleberry Cakes!

Game of Thrones Cookies

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