10 Hilarious Pet Halloween Costumes that will Make you Cackle

Our furry friends want to celebrate the holidays just like you do. Well, maybe not the costume part, but they definitely are game for the treats that come a long with Halloween! We think we know what is best for them though, so we dress them up anyways. Why? Well, because pets dressed in costumes give you a perfect combination of hilarious and adorable.

1. Taco

Nothin’ like a Yorkie dressed up as a crunchy taco, eh?! Yo quiero Taco Bell, baby. You too can get your pet extra beefy this Halloween here: Party City

Taco Costume Dog

2. Lion

If you don’t think this is cute, you’re LION! (You knew that joke was coming). Here’s a mane for your dane: Amazon 

Dog Costume

3. Ninja Turtle

He’s teenage. He’s mutant. He’s a Ninja Turtle!! And high-five to the owner for the creative shell. Is that a turkey pan? Nice!

turtle costume

4. Coffee

Transform your pup into a cup of Joe this Halloween, with this adorable iced coffee costume! Here: Amazon

Halloween Costume Iced Coffe for Dogs



5. Oscar the Grouch

Hahahaha. This one cracks me up. Now, this would probably be only for picture purposes since the garbage can part is pretty essential, but other than that, all you have to do is take your dog to the groomers (the ones that offer temporary hair color that is safe for dogs), and then put them in a mini trash can and bam, there is your epic costume.


6. Ghostbuster

If there’s something strange in you neighborhood, Who you gonna call? You bet it is this guy. Not only is this costume endearing and adorable, but look how happy this dog looks!! Amazon

Ghost Buster Costume Halloween


7. Hot Dog

Just because it isn’t original, doesn;t mean it isn’t hilarious! It never stops being funny. especially if you use an actual wiener dog. (P.S. To all of those weirdos who put ketchup on their hot dogs, take notice of what condiment is on the hot dog) I kid, I kid.

hotdog costume halloween dogs

8. Unicorn

Your dog won’t think it’s too funny (check out this dogs face) but you will think it is magically adorable. Purchase Here.

Unicorn Costume Halloween Dogs

9. UPS Man

Bahahaahaha! This one is great. It is probably my favorite on this list. This fellow reminds me of Doug on King of Queens. So if you like getting packages and are a fan of the show, this would be the perfect costume for your furry friend. Purchase Here.


10. Doctor

This fierce kitty looks so sharp, it could cut you. (Plus, it’s purrfectly cute). Get Here.

Cat Dog Costume Halloween Doctor Medical



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