10 Must-Have Apps & Games for your Phone

I don’t know about you guys but my phone is used way more for games and app usage, than it is for texts and phone calls. If you ever see me in public and I am on my phone, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be on one of these amazing, fun and addicting apps. And, I obviously highly recommend that you try them too! By the way, they are all free to play/use! Check out these fun phone apps below!

1. Clash Royale

Clash Royale
Photo Credit: Clash Royale

This game seems like a “boy game” at first glance, but it is super fun! The graphics are really nice too. You use cards that have different types of fighters, warriors, dragons, wizards, and other villains on them to defeat your opponents towers using elixir that build up to activate your cards. For example, you get 1 elixir each second, so if you wanted to use a dragon that takes 3 elixirs, then you would wait until you had enough elixir and send your dragon to breathe fire on your opponents tower. Whoever destroys the most towers when the time runs out, wins. (or if you defeat the main tower, you win automatically). It is sort of hard to explain, but it is so addicting because the game offers so much variety. You also get to be in a ‘clan’ with other actual players around the world and participate in tournaments and challenges to win more cards, coins, and upgrades. There is also a chat section for your clan and you can battle each other or work together in the same game to beat other teams in certain challenges. Highly recommend this amazing game!

2. AdCap

AdCap Game
Photo Credit: Hyper Hippo

This game is a simple game that really doesn’t require much thought or strategy, but for some reason it is so fun to see how much money you can accumulate. You open up little “shops” to include a car wash, donut shop, newspaper service, bank and oil rig in efforts to make money. Each business receives money after a specific amount of time has passed and once you start making so much money in a specific business, you can then upgrade that business so that it makes even more money. You also get to hire managers for each business so that you can make money even when you are not playing the game. It is the perfect game for those who like to open up a game to pass time, especially in settings where you don’t really need to concentrate.

3. Einstein Riddle

Einstein Riddle Game
Photo Credit: Google Play

So this game is one that takes strategy and thinking in order to win. It is sort of like a more complex “Sudoku” – but without the numbers. The best way for me to explain it, is when you remember those little games you played in grade school that the teachers would give you that would have a headline that read something like “Cara, Angie and Megan each have a pet and a favorite color, can you match them with their pet and favorite color?” and the clues would be like “The one who has a cat is not named Angie” and “The one who has a cat does not like the color green.” and using those clues, you get to figure out what belongs to who. The great thing about this game though is you can either play super easy levels or extremely hard levels where you have 8-9 different people you have to match up with 8-9 other categories, such as their favorite drink, food, pet, costume, occupation, etc… If you are sort of a nerd like me, then this will be super fun for you!

4. Bitmoji

Bitmoji App
Photo Credit: Dayre

Everyone seems to know about Bitmoji, but if you don’t, you definitely should get it. It is pretty much a collection of large emojis that include a customized avatar of yourself. You can use them to send to your friends through text message and there is a huge variety to choose from. You will never want to use regular emojis ever again. 🙂 You can customize the hair, eyes, and clothes of yours so that it looks like you. It is pretty cool. Here is mine:

5. Alphabear

Alphabear Game APP
Photo Credit: Spry Fox

WORD GAME ALERT! I love this adorable little game. You get a wide variety of levels and difficulty. You have to get a certain amount of points while making words, and when you complete a level, you get a cute “Alphabear” that gives you power-ups when you play, which will help you beat the “Boss levels” that are required to get to the next level set and unlock more bears. Super fun and addictive, I promise.

6. Duolingo or Memrise

Duolingo App
Photo Credit: You Tube

Lernen macht Spaß! Want to learn a new language? These apps are fantastic to get you started! I really wanted to learn German about year ago and I started with Duolingo and completed the entire German course. (For free, might I add). And It was so much fun that I also downloaded Memrise, which offers a much wider variety of lessons than Duolingo. I can now communicate on a basic level in German just by using these apps. The cool thing about Duolingo is there is also parts of the lesson that have you speak into your microphone on your phone and they make sure you are saying the words or phrases correctly. I highly recommend these before you start to consider buying 300 dollar programs for language learning.

7. iBotta

Ibotta Phone App
Photo Credit: Freebies 4 Mom

This is absolutely awesome because it is an app that gives you rebates (coupons) for items sold near you. For example, my app will let me know what deals they offer at my Wal-Mart down the street from me. So, usually there are a few hundred items available for rebate like Milk, toothpaste, chicken, and ice cream, all offering a dollar off. So, you would simply unlock those rebates, go shopping, and take a picture of your receipt and submit it in the app. Then hours later you get those rebates amounts back and you can deposit the money into your bank account. This is a super easy and hassle-free way to save money! 🙂

8. Jeopardy

Jeopardy Phone App
Photo Credit: Jeopardy

This is a new game that has been released and it is so much fun! You play with other people and it is pretty much exactly like the TV-Show version. You earn “money” and use it to progress to different locations around the world to play for bigger prizes. If you like trivia, this is definitely the game for you! If you love Jeopardy, then this is DEFINITELY the game for you.

9. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack
Photo Credit: Business Insider

Yes, another trivia game. This one is my favorite because you get to play against your family and friends directly and don’t have to be online the same time as them to play. The questions are always different and it has great visuals as well. Very well made game and it literally is as addicting as the title suggests.

10. Pet Parade

Cutest Pet Contest Pet Parade
Photo Credit: Pet Parade

Got a pet? Good! Then you will love this app. It is a cutest pet photo contest app but it sort of works like a game. You get shown 2 photos of 2 different pets and you decide which one you think is cuter. Whichever pet gets the most points at the end of the week, month, or season gets special prizes, awards and forms of recognition. For example, my dog Lily has received a finalist ribbon and I got a T-shirt in the mail once. This game has had a lot of upgrades recently and  the best part it, when you get enough tickets you can redeem them for free pet supplies.

Alright so those are my top 10 apps that I currently use right now. All of these apps get 5 stars from me and are totally addicted so be careful out there. Haha.

I am always looking for new fun and addicting games and apps, so if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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