8 Must-Have Items for the Gym

1. Nalgene Water Bottle

Nalgene makes really high-quality, yet super affordable water bottles. I bought my first one earlier this year and it is so sturdy and never leaks. I have been so happy with it that I bought another one that has a wider mouth so that I can easily put ice in it and let me tell you, these are so helpful at the gym. I used to buy water bottles and now I am saving so much money by using these instead. I usually don’t get water bottles because they are always small 20oz ones, which doesn’t work for me because I drink a ton of water when I am working out so having to refll them in the middle of a workout sucks. These offer a variety of different sizes and colors ­čÖé

Get one now! (Pssst, the light pink one has mine sparkles on it)

Amazon : Nalgene Water Bottle

Purple Water Bottle Nalgene

2. Adidas Gym Bag

I. LOVE. Adidas. I also love pink so when I saw this I fell in love instantly. *sigh* it was meant to be! They offer different sizes, styles and colors so you will likely find one that you will love as well. It has just enough compartments and space for a change of clothes, hair products, make-up, towels and shoes.

Get one now because these will never go out of style. EVER.

Amazon: Adidas Defender II Duffel Bag

Adidas Gym Bag Pink

3. Bluetooth Ear Buds

One of the problems I have had at the gym is listening to music without tripping on the cords, or the cords getting caught on one of the machines, resulting in embarrassing, awkward moments of getting myself back together. (Dorky girl problems). So, I invested in these headphones that I can connect to my phone so that I don’t have to worry about any mishaps with the cords. You can adjust the cords on these to be snug to the back of your head, while also having the clip on ear pieces that stay in place. You will never have to worry about them pesky cords ever again.

Get these earbuds here: Bluetooth Headphones SMARTOMI

Bluetooth Ear buds headphones

4.  Running Arm Bag

Whether you use wireless headphones or headphones that have wires, you can benefit from this in so many ways. I have tried plenty of these and they tend to slip off, or have weak velcro. This one hasn’t let me down yet and the best part is that it is actually big enough for my Galaxy S8 plus. It is also waterproof and have an additional pouch for extra storage for your keys, personal items, money, or ID cards. Gosh, it makes life so much easier. I used to put my keys in my bra when I would go running and let me just say that I will never do that again. Love this bag and the colors are poppin!

Getcha one here: Cell Phone Sports Armband

Running Strap Bag

5. Slip-Proof Weight Lifting Gloves

These are not only helpful if you lift weights but can benefit you when you do workouts like plate pushes or preventing blisters from using the rowing machine. The fact that they are black and pink doesn’t hurt either. They also have little tabs you can tug on for easy removal. (Also, these won’t leave you will chalk residue everywhere, haha).

Get yourself a pair: Contraband Pink Label

Weight Lifting Gloves Pink

6. ROCK YOUR HAIR Spray It Clean Instant Dry Shampoo

I just recently discovered dry shampoo and it is such a life saver for when you are all out of time. If you do a workout that is not vigorous, it is a perfect way to freshen up without having to take a full-on shower. This brand never lets me down but honestly whatever brand you choose should be fine. This one smells super good though. I have damaged hair so when I can, I try to skip shampooing every other day so this also helps with that. This should be one of your emergency go-to products!

Get it here: ROCK YOUR HAIR Spray It Clean Instant Dry Shampoo, 7 Ounce

Dry Shampoo Rock your Hair

7. Wordlock Pad Lock

You will need a lock to secure all your awesome gym gear in the locker room. I hate number combinations so I found this beauty. A padlock that uses words instead! You can make your password booty, loony, silly, willy or pooch – whatever you want. That is so much more fun than 1835.

Lock it up here: Wordlock Pad Lock

Pink Pad Lock Locker

8. Motivating Music

Oh yes, last but definitely not least. You need some good music on your workout playlist. Like this one:

Sia – The Greatest


Now get your butt to the gym.

– Crystal Eve <3


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