10 Super Fun T-Shirts

Do you love to wear your jokes on your sleeve? Me too. That is why I am sharing this epic list of fun, quirky and unique T-shirts. And no, this list isn’t going to be full of silly t-shirts that are over-worn like the ones that say “Your Mom”, “This Girl LOVES her Finance” (good grief), and “Blink if you want me”. Snooze!

Check these out. 🙂

1. My Shirt is Brighter than your Future

Blunt and rude in the sweetest looking way possible.

Tye Dye Future T-Shirt

2. If you’re Crazy and you Know it, Shake your Meds.

Hahaha. If you think this shirt is awesome and you know it, clap your hands. Now, if you actually clapped your hands, this shirt may be a good fit. Just kidding of course. It is all in good fun.

Crazy Shake You Meds T-shirt

3. Surely Not Everyone was Kung Fu Fighting

Do you know that song “Kung-Fu Fighting?” Well, it is an old, weird song from the 70’s that is popular for the line “Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting”. Anyways, this shirt makes an argument against that claim. I have to agree that it is very unlikely that EVERYONE was kung-fu fighting, I mean, come on now.

Tshirt Kung Fu Fighting
Bring me Tacos

4. Words on the Shirt

This shirt is literally what it says. Words on a Shirt. Simple yet magnificent.

Words on a Shirt
Look Human

5. Are you the Sun? Because you Need to Stay about 92,960,000 Miles Away from Me”

Hahaha. Can you be any clearer to someone you don’t want to talk to?  I think not.

Sun Miles Awat T-Shirt Boy


6. Please do Not Pet the Peeves

In other words, don’t chew loudly, slurp your soup or walk slow.

Pet Peeves T-Shirt
Bring me Tacos

7. And then Satan Said “Put the Alphabet in Math”

Because solving for X is the devils work.

Alphabet in Math Shirt

8. I before E, except after C….Weird.

Everyone loves a shirt that breaks the rules.

I Love Apparel

9. Don’t Tell me to Smile

Who else is just sick of it? Stop telling me to smile because my fake smile is actually pretty scary looking.

Dont tell me to smile SHirt

10. I’m Pretty Cool but I Cry A lot

Hey, just tellin’ like it is.

Cry Alot Tshirt

Oh man. I love T-Shirts. Share your favorite funny T-shirts in the comments below. 🙂

– Crystal <3

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  1. Joseph E Turner

    I love those. Do you have any more? 🙂

    1. I will more than likely be posting more sometime in the future. Because, well, I pretty much collect silly T-shirts in real life. Haha. 🙂

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