8 Styles that Will Never Go Out of Style

Isn’t it interesting how some trends last and others don’t? Platform shoes didn’t survive past the 90’s, Thankfully, JNCO jeans were just a phase, and the I-Zone camera today would be an absolute joke. Nostalgia is taking over at the moment and I am now remembering a pair of platform shoes I owned in elementary school:

Skechers Platform Shoes 90s
Skechers Platform Shoes

Yeah, I remember thinking that these were going to bring all the boys to the yard back in the day. Today, however, I realize that they are a little ridiculous. (Plus, I am 5’10…so…) Oh! Remember the slip-on versions? Click here

They are actually selling for over 200 dollars. Not that anyone is wearing them, but collecting them because they were pretty iconic 18 years ago. Damn, I am old! I was wearing these shoes when some of you reading this weren’t even born yet! See, back in my day….okay, I better not finish that sentence or else I will really start to feel old.

Anyways, Despite trends that used to be mysteriously rad, here are some styles/Items that will probably never will go out of style.

1. Adidas Superstar Trainers

Okay, so my birthday was on Monday and I got the latest style of these shoes and they are absolutely freaking amazing! They are my first pair but they have actually been around for a long time, and I don’t think they are going anywhere, anytime soon. Now, I need to get my hands on the black pair! Oh, and you seriously need some so get yourself a pair here: Adidas Women’s Superstar Shoes

Vintage Alley

2. Calvin Klein Underwear

Christina Aguilera wore them in the 90’s and Justin Bieber wears them today. So Christina Aguilera basically wore them when Bieber was a tot. These ain’t going anywhere! Get some here: Calvin Klein Women’s

Calvin Klein Justin Bieber Christina Aguilera Then and Now
Glamour UK/Pinterest

3. Moto Jackets

We have been getting away with wearing these for decades and it doesn’t look like they are fading out….EVER. Even if you don’t got that James Dean daydream look in your eye, if you rock this, you can be sure it will never go out of style: Womens Faux Leather Jacket

House of Comil

4. Diamonds

The day diamonds go out of style, will be the day my soul turns completely black. Pigs will also be flying as I weep with me, myself and my black, not-so-shiny soul.

Taylor Swift Bathing in Diamonds Look What you Made me Do Music Video Reputation

5. Hoodies

I love a good, warm, snugly hoodie. I mean, who doesn’t? Whether it is a plain-Jane Hanes hoodie or a fancy smancy one, you can count on it being relevant long enough to wear it to your grave. Did you know that you can get a super soft and warm hoodie for under 14 dollars on Amazon Prime? Well it’s true, check it out: Hanes Pullover Hoodie

Woman in White Hoodie BALR

6. Blazers

A classic style for the girls and the guys. Whether you have a fancy desk job, or you just need to make your boring outfit a little more interesting, these always do the trick, and I am willing to bet that they always will! The perfect blazer: Women’s Pocket Blazer Jacket

Blazer Woman Style
Stronger Picture


Because how can something that makes your rear end look as fresh as a daisy, go out of style? Everyone needs the perfect go-to pair of jeans to do just that: Celebrity Pink Jeans

women in jeans pants denim
Where to Get

8. Red White and Blue

Because…MERCA’!! You can keep it simple too with a T-shirt: American Flag T-Shirt

American Flag Dress Girl Women
Ali Express

And yes, I saved the best for last. If all else fails, sporting your patriotism is ALWAYS a win. 😉

American Flag Salute GIF

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