10 Unique Gifts Ideas That You Need To Know About

Admit it. You love the feeling when you find the perfect gift that you just know the recipient will love. The moment comes when you get to watch them open it, and you anxiously wait for their eyes to get big and mouth drop open as you feel pretty good about your fantastic gift-giving skills. This year, however, you are completely out of ideas, you have walked down all the aisles of way too many stores, and browsed online and have nothing to show for it. Well, trust me, I know the feeling of defeat, but you have come to the right place, because I am sharing 10 excellent gifts ideas that anyone will adore. These are all items that I personally chose and am not getting compensated for any promotions so go ahead and take that weight off your shoulders and check them out:

1. Giant, Over-Sized Fortune Cookie

Who wouldn’t love a giant fortune cookie? This is a super awesome gift idea and you even get to customize what the fortune says inside. You can order one online here: Fancy Fortune Cookies

2. Customized M&M’s

Everyone knows someone who just can’t get enough of these classic, melt-in-your-mouth morsels. To personalize this popular treat in a special way, you can customize the colors, the packaging and add clip-art, custom text and even a real photo of the recipient on to the M&Ms. Simply brilliant and timeless. Order them here and have fun creating the perfect gift: My M&Ms

3. Custom Calendar

Shutterfly Calendar

You can never go wrong with a calendar that you can customize with your own photos, text, and holidays. Anyone can use a calendar and honestly, what is there not to love about it? By customizing each month’s page, the person you gift it to will know you worked hard on making it special for them. You can even put a gigantic photo of your face on your exact date of birth so they won’t forget to get you one in return. (It’s pretty much a win) So, start customizing now here: Shutterfly

4. Oddity Mall

You can literally find something that ANYONE will love here. Giant gummy bear night light? Wallets made out of Alaskan Salmon? Purse made out of actual LEGOs? Personally, I want the Fanny Pack Phone Holder Selfie Stick.  Yeah, you can get all of that here: Oddity Mall

5. Mystery Box

This one looks fun! This is a gift that you can give someone and as they open it, you too can also be suspenseful of what is inside. You can choose from various themes to get one that will fit the person you are giving it to like booze, foodie, gadget, or even a magical unicorn themed box (which happens to be packed with glittery goodness!) Check. it. out. at Firebox.

6. Vacuum/Dustpan Combo

So, this looks like the best gift ever. Seriously. Give someone the luxury of ditching their dustpan forever. Enough said. Get it here: Eye-Vac Home Touchless Vacuum

7. Cassette Flash Drive

This one is just adorable and can also be customized. This is perfect for music or media lovers and you can gift it to them by uploading files, such as music they like, photos, and other digital gifts and mementos. Simple yet sweet! Get it now: The Original Mixtape

8. Merlot Infused Coffee 

Alright, so this one just makes me feel all giddy inside. This is exactly what you think it is. Yes, YES, this is coffee…infused with wine. I know, I know, you are thinking to yourself “Good gravy, where has this been all my life!?” but now that you know about it, go ahead and treat yourself..I mean someone else (or both) and get yourself some here: Merlot Infused Coffee

9. Hot Dog Toaster

Know someone who likes toasted dogs? Yeah, so do I. Definitely an awesome gift that looks retro but will never go out of style. Purchase here: Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

10. Hidden Crystal Candle:

Now I may be biased since this item is so fitting for me personally. (Ha, can you guess why?) But, how classy, beautiful, and insanely elegant is this? Get it now: Hidden Crystal Candle 

If all else fails, or if you need an add-on item, simply get them a bag of unicorn farts: Unicorn Farts.

Okay, so that concludes the list, but if you have any additional ideas that you think would be good on this list, share them below in the comments! 🙂

– Crystal <3

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Hello! My name is Crystal Kelley. I have a love for writing to express my thoughts on a variety of topics. I am always inspired by new things, therefore, what I will write about next is pleasantly unpredictable. I enjoy singing, drawing, playing piano, photography and my dog. Oh, and glitter really does run through my veins.

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