10 Fun Pairs of Socks that will Knock Yours Off

Winter is coming! And No, I am not referencing ‘Game of Thrones” – BUT, you know what winter means, right? Yep, you get to break out those thick, fuzzy, and decorative socks again. This year, you need to be on your A-game when it comes to your socks. You need to wear some that will make your friends go “ooh”, “ahh” or “haha”. I am here to help you with that. I found these amazing socks on the internet that will not only make you look like a super awesome, fun person, but will keep them footsies warm and cozy.

1. Pencil Socks

These are too cool for school AND too school for cool at the same time. These would definitely leave their ‘mark’ by impressing your friends and your teacher.

If you are serious about looking ‘sharp” get them here for only $7.99 at Uncommon Goods.

This is Why I’m Broke

2. Rainbow Kitty Socks

Funky feet never looked so good! These are also non-slip, which, for those of us who have issues with gravity and friction can appreciate. Get them here for 10 bucks: K Bell

Cat Rainbow Socks Kitty Feet Non-Slip
Sock Dreams

3. Shark Socks

YAAAAAS! These socks have some pretty big “Jaws” and they couldn’t be more perfect. Socks with fins don’t come cheap but they are worth it. Get them here for $38.00: This is why I”m Broke

Shark Socks
This is Why Im Broke

4. Flip Flop Socks

Who says you can’t wear flip-flops AND keep your feet warm? You also get a free toe ring. Sweet! Get it here for $8.00: Living Royal

Living Royal

5. Peeps Socks

Make you feet extra sweet with these adorable and awesome Peeps socks!! Only $7.99 on Amazing here: Peeps Candy Easter Bunny Socks

Peeps Socks Cute Candy

6. Beer Pong Socks

Make these your new official (and lucky) Beer Pong socks. Get them here for $12.00: Oooh Yeah Socks ! – Mens Crew – Beer Pong

Beer Pong Socks

7. Cat Gone Fishin’ Socks

Look! Look! The kitty is trying to catch a fish! Brilliantly adorable. Get it!! Here you go: Sock it to Me Stretch-It Womens Knee High Socks (Gone Fishin’)


8. Flying Pig Socks

Flying Pigs. Anything can happen in these babies. Get em’: Socksmith Women’s ‘Flying Pigs’ Socks in Lavender (One Size)

AND they are purple.

Flying Pig Socks Purple

9. Fluffy Unicorn Socks

I am slow clapping right now because, well, 3D socks are amazing and are sure to put on a show all on their own. Get these here now: Despicable Me 3 Minions 3D Elements Fluffy the Unicorn Girls 2 pk Crew Socks

Fluffy Unicorn Socks

10. Rubber Ducky Socks

Don’t rub-a-dub-dub yourself with these on. (You’ll need a real rubber ducky for that). Cute for outside of the tub though! Get here: Socksmith Womens Rubber Ducky Turquoise One Size 1 pair

Rubber Ducky Socks


I am pretty positive I need every single pair of these! If you have any other fun sock recommendations, post them below, because I want MORE. 🙂

– Crystal Eve <3

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