10 Romantic Gifts and Ideas for that Special Someone

It is officially cuddle weather, folks! I must say that this season I will not be cuddling, as I am quietly chanting “Single Bells” as I wrap myself in my Snuggie. It’s okay though because these ideas are still pretty brilliant, even if they are being shared by a lonely little duckling like myself. I truly think that any of the following ideas will make this holiday season special for anyone who lights you up like a Christmas tree and wraps you up like a bow.

1. DIY Jar of Hearts

Jar of Hearts Archie Messages Notes Gift Ideas
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This is a super simple, yet even more super sweet way to show someone you care. All you do is take a jar, vase or small container and fill it with little folded up notes that say sweet things like “I love you to the moon and back”, or “Your parents must be bakers because you sure are a cutie pie”. Okay, perhaps your ideas are less cheesy but I am a pretty cheesy girl so those hit the spot for me. With this jar, they can pull out one of the notes and read it when they feel lonely or sad. You can also get pretty creative with this too, by embellishing the jar with a bow around it, putting stones inside of it or folding the notes into origami hearts.  The one pictured above is just an example but you can order them pre-made if you must: Archie’s 

2. “I Love you with All my Senses” Gift

Senses Gift Ideas Christmas Romantic
Photo Credit: Pinterest

This one is pretty darn brilliant and incredibly sweet. If a guy ever did one of these for me, I would cry until I died. Haha. So the idea of this is giving them gifts that relate to the 5 senses. As you can see in the photo above, you can divide multiple gifts up by senses. For example, here are some things you can put in each bag:

Sight: Photos of you guys together, a special piece of art, sunglasses, or a movie.

Touch: Intimate (but classy) items that you know he/she likes, and if you know he/she will be opening it in front of others, make it innocent and put in his/her favorite shaving kit or lotion, a new pair of gloves, or a massage gift certificate.

Smell: Cologne/perfume, candles, or favorite body wash.

Taste: Favorite Candy/Food, or gift card for his/her favorite place to eat.

Hearing: Favorite music, ITunes gift card, concert tickets, or a custom playlist of songs dedicated to them.

Just be creative and if humor is your thing put some funny add-ins in there as well. When making gifts like this always make sure it is personalized and add embellishments to make it look more thoughtful and pretty. For example, in each bag use pretty tissue paper, love notes, or ribbons

3. Socks

Photo Credit: Not on the High Street

Not just any socks, of course. If you get them socks they have to be romantic like these “Sole Mates” couple socks. How adorable!!

4. Shoes

Romantic Gift Ideas
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Shoes are always a nice gift, but how bout’ ya slap somethin’ special on the inside of the box? Because it’s not only adorable, but shows that you put in a little extra effort by adding a personal touch.

5. LED Stars in the Sky Canvas

LED Stars in the Sky Canvas Art Romantic Gift Christmas
Photo Credit: Personal Creations

This LIGHTS UP and you can personalize the names and date at the bottom. It even comes with a remote! What a bright idea!! Love it. Get it here: Personal Creations

6. Lottery Tickets

lottery gift idea cute romantic Love gifts Christmas
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Because who doesn’t love lottery tickets floating over a jar of candy?!

7. His and Her Puzzle Key Chain

Puzzle Key Chain His and Hers Gift Romantic Idea
Photo Credit: Etsy

Simple but incredibly sweet. I’d cry if I got this from a guy!! *sigh* Get: Etsy

8. Wallet Insert Card

Wallet Card Insert Gift Ideas Cute Romantic
Photo Credit: Etsy

Customize this sweet keepsake for the one you love to take with them everywhere they go. Aww. Get: Etsy

9. DIY Map Shadow Box

DIY Shadow Box Romantic Maps Gift Ideas
Photo Credit: FITFIT

A super cute idea to remember the locations of special or significant moments in your relationship.

10. Reasons I Love You Box

Reasons I love you box idea gifts cheap DIY
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Not only are all these ideas (for the most part, depending on a few things) cheap, but they are all incredibly sweet and thoughtful, ensuring you definitely get laid on Christmas night. You’re Welcome. Now let me get back to spilling tears on my Snuggie…

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