20 Things that Make Fun People Smile

I don’t know about y’all but the things that make me happy are not-so-stereotypical. (Well, most of them) So I wanted to make a list of all of them so I could come back to this post whenever I wanted to feel better and turn my frown is upside down. So this post won’t be your typical “Things to Smile About” post, that is bombarded with photos of children blowing bubbles, hope for world peace and avocados. Instead, feast your eyes on these smile-worthy photos and thoughts that will put a little bit of some sweet and sparkly light in your life.

1. Butterflies

Yeah the first item on this list is butterflies. Why? Because the first thing I thought about when I thought about happiness, is the joy i get out of seeing a butterfly following me while I am on a stroll in the park. Sounds cheesy as hell but hey, it makes me smile and if makes you smile too. (Well, unless, of course, you have a heart that is darker than my coffee).

Monarch Butterfly
Butterfly Farms

2. Glitter

I know what your thinking: “Why isn’t this number 1!?” Well, my friends, that is because this isn’t an “in-order” ranked list, and secondly, that would have been WAY too predictable coming from me. πŸ˜‰ Now about that glitter…

Glitter Make-Up
Dress Like a Mum


Why can’t everyone just go all out and dress like this all the time?!

3. The Scents of Christmas

This one just makes me start cheesin’ out of control! Nothing is like the smell of Cinnamon Vanilla candles and Pinecones!


4. Rainbows

You’re never fully dressed without a smile. Rainbows definitely help us look super sharp.

Rainbow Photo

5. Fluffy Dresses

Because who doesn’t smile when they feel like a princess?

Princess Dress Pretty Gown Purple Blue

6. Singing in the Shower

We all do it. If you don’t, you need to, because it makes you smile so big! Particularly when you get really into it. You gotta grab the shampoo bottle and use it as your mic, pretend your other bottles are the audience and the water coming down is a spot light! It is magical and your voice always sounds better in the shower. πŸ˜‰

Singing in the Shower

7. Disco Balls

Oh, yes. Mr. Disco Ball. He has been so good to me the past decade. I grin every time I see one. Not just any grin, but the kind of grin that makes your eyes sparkle. Kind of like the face kids make when they get told they’re going to Disney World.

Disco Ball Pretty Dance
Disco Ball Rental

8. Packages at the Door

The smell of happiness is equivalent to the sweet, sweet scent of that Amazon Prime cardboard box. New candle scent anyone?

Amazon Prime Packages
My Total Retail

8. Food Coloring

Only God could make Unicorn Poop cookies without food coloring. Tis is why we must appreciate it, for it makes food look magical and extra yummy.

Unicorn Poop Cookies

9. Crazy Straws

Let’s hold up our crazy-strawed cups and toast to never growing up!

Crazy Straws
80s Material Girl

10. Fireplace n Whiskey

The fireplace burning on a friday night, a bottle of whiskey and conversation? Yes, please. This is the only thing in life that makes me feel like I’m an adult. Oh, wait, I am an adult. =(

Bourbon Whiskey Fireplace

11. Tye-Dye Shirts

They look even cuter paired with a big sunshiny smile! πŸ™‚ They will change your life.

T-shirt TYE-DYE
Truffle Shuffle Blog

12. Bubble Baths

On exception: If you take your bubble baths with your heels on, you are way TOO happy.

Bubble Bath Heels Pink

13. Cute Guys with Puppies

Supposedly there is a dog in this photo. I couldn’t spot it though. Can you?

Hot Guys With Puppies
Metal Sucks

Oops, wrong photo. Here you go:

hot guys with puppies
She Knows

14. Dogs in Costume

Life includes bulldogs in thongs and hip-huggers. Life offers us all kinds of happy explosions of giggles.

Dogs Costume Funny
Dan’s Papers

15. Lightning Bugs

Yeah, I hate bugs more anyone in the world, but not these beauties. They are so enchanting and bring back so many childhood memories. πŸ™‚

Lightning bugs In a Jar

16. Black Licorice

When I am missing a boy like “Candy“, I really mean I miss him like black licorice.

black licorice

17. Cologne/Perfume

When a sexy, numba-one stunna walks by me and I get smell good cologne, I melt a little inside. Bliss in a bottle.

Man Spraying Cologne Hot

18. Mermaid Shell Bras

Victoria’s Secret makes some girls happy, but what they got over at VS can’t compare to a Mermaid-Shell bra. I guess it isn’t practical, but hey, it still makes me happy.

Mermaid Shell Bra

19. Boas

Step 1: Buy a Boa Step 2: Wrap in on Ya Step 3:Β Tilt Ya Head BackΒ Step 4. Bring it back up slowly. This sweet kitty will partially demonstrate:

Cat in a Pink Boa
Cat Clinic

20. Playing Mario Kart

If you are fun, you play this. Plain and simple. πŸ™‚

Princess Peach Mario Kart
Mario Kart Princess Peach

Things that also make fun people smile, but didn’t make the official list include, but are not limited to: water guns, trying on old-lady clothes and pumpin’ your fist to Michael Buble on the weekends.

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Hello! My name is Crystal Kelley. I have a love for writing to express my thoughts on a variety of topics. I am always inspired by new things, therefore, what I will write about next is pleasantly unpredictable. I enjoy singing, drawing, playing piano, photography and my dog. Oh, and glitter really does run through my veins.

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