16 Single Girl Problems that are Absolutely Awesome

If you are reading this, chances are, that you are part of the single girl club. Whether you are newly single, or just coming out of a long-term relationship you will likely find some, if not all, of these single girl problems oh so relatable.

1. A Twin Size Bed is More than Enough Room

Yep. Just me, myself and I. The only thing running itself through my hair tonight is the air from the fan.

Homer Simpson Cinnamon Roll Bed GIF

2. Eating in Silence and Solitude is Completely Normal

om nom nom nom.

girl eating alone dark sad

3. Save Money on Razors

Okay, so hopefully you don’t grow out your pits, but if you do, it isn’t like you have anyone to impress.

hairy girl GIF armpit

4. Don’t ever need to pee on a stick

When your body is doing something weird, you can joyfully tell yourself HA! Jokes on you! NOT PREGGO!

pregnancy test GIF pee stick

5. Toilet seat is always down

And you look in the bathroom mirror every time and give yourself this look to celebrate:

evil grin girl gif

6. Control the radio every car ride

Cuz singing the thong song in the car is all you need

Girl Singing in Car GIF

7. You can feel sexy AF without makeup all day long

So much time and energy saved by not needing to paint on your face

jenna marbles no makeup gif

8. You can do all the weird things you would never do in front of a partner anytime you want

like dancing with your body in your pants:

funny girl dancing pants

doing your best dinosaur impressions:

jenna marbles dinosaur funny GIF

take a stab at learning sweet tricks:

girl jumping on bed GIF

or pretend you’re talking to Ryan Gosling on your banana phone. (don’t ask)

Banana Phone Funny GIF

9. Having a blast using your attitude in attempt to make your non-single friends jealous that your flyin’ solo

no one knows  that you are lyin’ your ass off but you say:

Honey Boo Boo Child GIF boyfriend

10. Doing this every time your jealous of your BFF’s love life makes you feel better.

Awwww, im so happy for you….

nikki minaj smiling fake funny gif

11. You can get away with wearing the ugliest underwear imaginable

the baggier the better…HA.

Roseanne Underwear Funny GIF

12. You can literally be 12 again and kiss your posters without worryin’ about a bae gettin’ all cray

I love you too babe…goodnight…MWAHHHH!

poster girl kissing gif kiss man

13. You can make that glitter rain, without hearing a man complain

A man who doesn’t like glitter isn’t worth your time.

Your Body Music Video Christina Aguilera Clip Pink Glitter GIF Giphy

14. You can relate to pretty much every Taylor Swift song

That’s what people say…

Taylor Swift Dates Shake it Off Lyrics GIF

15. You can do the chili face noodle punch without worrying if he will still love you….that is, if he existed.

This is probably the biggest perk to being single….ever.

jenna marbles noodle chili punch face gif funny

16. You can relate to all the Disney princesses

but not in the way you want to…..still cool though….right?

Meg disney hercules gif
ariel the little mermaid song gif
cinderella dream gif disney princess
elsa frozen let if go singing gif lyrics
jasmine aladdin disney princess prize gif

Okay, so I tried to make the single life look as glamorous as I could by highlighting the things I love about it. I am already starting to think about what brand of chocolate heart I will be buying myself on Valentine’s day. Mmm. Chocolate.

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Hello! My name is Crystal Kelley. I have a love for writing to express my thoughts on a variety of topics. I am always inspired by new things, therefore, what I will write about next is pleasantly unpredictable. I enjoy singing, drawing, playing piano, photography and my dog. Oh, and glitter really does run through my veins.

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