Anonymously Send These Hilarious Pranks Through Mail

Prank someone anonymously with these ideas! Check out these harmless but Hilarious pranks for all the dirt bags and jerks in your life. Whether you are looking for a harmless “gift” for an enemy, need a good April Fool’s prank, or just want to video-tape Grandma being fooled in hopes you go viral on YouTube, you will probably find one of these ideas quite charming. (Aww, Come on. leave Grandma alone).

Grandma GIF

1. Sand in a Box

Think of someone annoying that you’d love to go away for awhile. Do you wish they would just get out of your hair for a bit and go on a getaway vacation? Well, bring the beach to them instead, because when they open this box, sand will fall out everywhere. It will likely take them a long time to clean up the mess so you’re bound to get a little time away from them.

Get it here: Ruin Days

Sand Box Prank

2. Vanilla to Vomit Prank Candle

What is that smell!? This candle starts out smelling like vibrant vanilla but eventually starts to smell like Vomit. You will be laughing your heart out knowing the victim will be frantically searching the house for the cat’s vomit chunks.

Get it here: Prank Candles

vanilla prank candle gag gift

3. Spring-Loaded Glitter Bomb

Okay,  to me personally, this prank is AWESOME. I would LOVE to receive one of these glitter bombs! I still included it on this list though because I know alot of people who HATE glitter. (I know, tragic, right?). The GIF below explains it all: (I think the cute little fish got bedazzled as well).

Get it here: Ruin Days

Glitter Bomb Prank

4. The Frustration Box

This one is perfect for those of us who adore getting packages in the mail. (It is all your fault Amazon Prime). Te box arrives looking like your typical package, has a little weight to it, and makes a noise when the recipient shakes it. The problem is, opening it is what is supposed to cause the “frustration”. I know if I couldn’t get a package open, I would throw a sassy little temper tantrum and hopefully the person you send it to would as well. 😉

Get it here: Pranks Anonymous

Frustration Box

5. A Dirt Bag

Know someone who is a dirty dirt bag? Send them this and let them know. Remember, no one will know it was you that sent it, so send that dirt bag a dirt bag now! 🙂

Get it here: Ruin Days

DirtBag Dirt Bag Prank


Okay so the next one isn’t one you can ship to someone anonymously, but I had to include it because, well, it is genius! Now you can choose to make them yourself and anonymously leave one at someone’s desk, or simply lovingly hand one to an unsuspecting friend. 🙂

Caramel Onions Prank

April Fools Caramel Onion Prank
Source: Just Something

Share your prank ideas, experiences and thoughts in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Anonymously Send These Hilarious Pranks Through Mail

  1. My sister just got through the [LENGTHY] housebreaking stage with her dog, so I think the vanilla to vomit candle is the perfect solution to pester her, even when I’m 2000 miles away. Thank you!!!

    1. Hahahaha. I am still in the housebreaking stage after 3 years with my stubborn Yorkie. Those candles are epic though LOL

  2. Thanks for including our frustration box in your post! It’s one of our favorite pranks! Keep up the great writing!

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