50 Things to do when you’re Bored

        1. Make some Tye-Dye T-shirts! (Here ya go: Tulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye Kit
        2. Change your hair color (Permanent, or temporary)
        3. Take a Hot Bath
        4. Write a list of every song you can name off the top of your head (This can potentially take ages, like in my case lol)
        5. Try a local painting class (Like Wine and Canvas)
        6. Turn the light off in your room. Use a flashlight and shine it on your hair. You should be able to see where all your damaged strands and dead ends are. Cut off the dead ends. It is actually super addicting.
        7. Buy a Bow-it-All and make some bows. Super fun: Zutter 7650 Bow it All V3.0 Bow-It-All V3.0
        8. Make an Amazon Wish-List
        9. Take a fitness class
        10. Plant some flowers. Fun flowers, like this one:

          Psychotria Elata
          Psychotria Elata
        11. Start a new Netflix show. (I recommend Dexter, Grey’s Anatomy, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Bloodline, Nurse Jackie, and Pretty Little Liars).
        12. Go play Bingo. Try to win some cash!
        13. Take a long yummy nap.
        14. Pinterest your heart out.
        15. Bake something delicious. Like this: Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls
        16. Dance. Don’t know how to dance? Follow along to the awesome Fitness Marshall videos. Here: Fitness Marhsall – Closer
        17. Go on Facebook and explore all your 5 year old posts that are super cringe-worthy. Laugh at yourself.
        18. Get a massage. (Groupon always has deals going on!)
        19. Go through your closet and get rid of anything you don’t wear. Then donate it!
        20. Adopt a pet. Specifically a dog. You won’t be bored anymore. lol.


      21. Find new music to enjoy by browsing/listening on Spotify

    1.           22. Go write some reviews on recent products you have bought.
    2.           23. Have a Disney movie marathon with a pint of Ice Cream.
    3.           24. Start a Blog!
    4.           25. Throw a Garage Sale
    5.           26. Explore new websites and content at StumbleUpon 
    6.           27. Clean. Clean up your place with your favorite music playing. Dance while you clean. (and sing!).
    7.           28. Start learning a new language on a free app such as Duolingo or Memrise
    8.           29. Design your own T-shirt: Custom Ink
    9.           30. Go all out in some Karaoke
  1. girl-holding-karaoke-mic-41542
    1.         31. Giggle at some Mad-Libs. Here: Mad-Libs
    2.         32. Go for a run. Make sure you have upbeat motivational music playing as well.
    3.         33. Customize your own calendar, mug or photo album: Shutterfly
    4.        34. Buy some glitter. You deserve it.
    5.        35. Write a letter to someone you admire. (The President, favorite author or artist)
    6.        36. Buy a foot spa machine and use it until your feet prune up.
    7.        37. Listen to the number one song in the year you were born.
    8.        38. Watch some bad lip reading videos: Bad Lip-Reading
    9.        39. Play a prank on someone.
    10.        40. Buy a disco ball for your room. Get a lava lamp. Strobe Lights. Spice up your room a little! 


      42. Lather your entire body in Coconut oil. Why? Here you go.

    11. 43. Go to the zoo and take pictures. By yourself? That’s A-Okay!
    12. 44. Learn CPR. You don’t want to be the one who doesn’t know how to in a critical time.
    13. 45. Look at Cat GIFs
    14. 46. Go for a drive. Sing along to your favorite songs like no one is watching.
    15. 47. Invest in a bike. Ride that bike. (or take a hike)
    16. 48. Play with this fun, online drawing tool: Drawing Board
    17. 49. Play Draw a Stickman: Here
    18. 50. Count the freckles on your body. I bet you have never done that before.
    1. I hope this has relieved your boredom symptoms!


– Crystal Eve <3

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Hello! My name is Crystal Kelley. I have a love for writing to express my thoughts on a variety of topics. I am always inspired by new things, therefore, what I will write about next is pleasantly unpredictable. I enjoy singing, drawing, playing piano, photography and my dog. Oh, and glitter really does run through my veins.

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