8 Funny & Relatable Struggles of Dieting

As I sit here writing this, I am listening to my belly growl like a gigantic, hypothetical grizzly bear pounding it’s chest. All I want is some steak and a piece of cake – but I am sticking to this diet anyways because, well, I need to. Does exercising my willpower count as a workout?

So, These are hilarious things that we can all relate to:

1, “I ate SO good today…Why do I still weigh the same?!”

Credit: Epic LOL

2. “I’ll just start my diet on Monday……..” (Repeat every week) LOL

Simpsons MEME dieting funny monday

Credit: Me.Me

3. “Yum…This Salad is so……..”

Funny Salad Meme Cat Diet

Credit: Pinterest

4. When the Dressing for your Celery Sticks is your tears:


Credit: Boldomatic

5. When you get a cheeseburger with NO CHEESE:


Credit: Someecards

6. When you pass the donuts and Little Debbies at Walmart…


Credit: Onsizzle

7. *Sigh* Might as well eat that fried chicken…”

DIET miss piggy meme

Credit: Mulpix

8. “Yes, make that a Diet Coke please”

diet coke diet meme funny burger

Credit: MPA

9. Oops…What Happened?!”

Funny weight loss meme

Credit: MPA

10. WHY!?


Credit: The Deadlifting Diva

Can you relate to any of these? Oh the struggle!!

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