Annoying Things About Online Dating

Honestly. Does online-dating even work for anyone? The only thing I use it for these days is for laughter when I am bored. Really though, online dating just makes you realize how great being single really is. I could probably create a super-mega action packed post about the many reasons why online dating is a nightmare, but here are just some of the worst things about it. (Incase you are considering trying it).

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1. One Worded Messages.

This is when the first message he sends you states one of the following:

  • Hi
  • Sup?
  • Wyd? (No, that doesn’t count as three words.)
  • Cute.

It is the most annoying thing in the world because how am I supposed to reply to that? It is as if the person who sent it is either not creative, not really interested, bored, or extremely boring. I know that this complaint may not bother some girls but I am not one who wants a guys first message to me to be one word. No Depth. Who knew reading only one word could put me to sleep?

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2. Asking for Nudes.

When you have been talking to a guy for less than 5 minutes and he asks you to send him a picture of your rack. I’m thinking, dude, you don’t even know my favorite color yet and we are not in a relationship. Do girls really just send pictures to random strangers? I guess so, because every 8 out of 10 guys requests this before I get a chance to ask them what they like to do on the weekend. Sheesh.

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3. Old Men.

“Hey sweetheart. I would love to spoil you. Do you want me to be your sugardaddy?” – GAG! The real questions is, why do these rich and successful men need to go online and bribe women in order to get a date? Stay Away Grandpa. Stay far away.

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4. He is missing a face.

You’ll go to his profile and see 10-15 pictures of him. Great. Except they are all of his shirtless body with his face cropped off. I can see your pubes hanging out of your ripped hanes but can’t see your face? Either the photos aren’t of you or you are looking for a compliment and either way this is a waste of my time. Put some clothes on and show me your teeth.

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5. That’s Not My Name.

There are those messages that say things like “Hey Carly, I like your profile, Wanna go grab some sushi sometime?” Okay, seems like an okay message but the problem is that my name is not Carly and my profile clearly states that I hate sushi. You didn’t read my profile and didn’t bother to make sure you got my name right. I am attracted to an attention span so no sushi for you.

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Okay, am I being over-dramatic or are these things outrageously annoying to you guys as well? I have found out that online dating is no longer for me but if you enjoy these things or are able to avoid them, then that is great. Share your thoughts (or share about that one time a guy messaged you via a dating site asking you for photos of your toes) in the comments below!

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