I ate a Bag of Cat Farts and I Liked It.

Bag of Cat Farts Cotton Candy

Yeah, you heard me right. I recently purchased a bag of cat farts because, you know, I was curious. Okay, so it isn’t actually bagged cat farts, but it is cotton candy. Delicious tasting cotton candy that doesn’t smell, look, feel, sound or look like farts. (Not that I was expecting it to). I realized it was a silly marketing concept but it definitely worked on me because never, would I ever buy a bag of cotton candy online for no reason. Anyways, when I got the product in the mail, I joyfully skipped to the mailbox to open my kitty-fart bag as soon as I could.

I thought to myself: “What if this actually is actually a gag gift that will surprisingly smell like farts when I open it?” or “What if it is like those Harry Potter jelly beans that makes flavors like dirt, vomit and soap, except they have now developed an airy feces inspired flavor?” I pondered these thoughts for a bit but finally snapped out of it and read the packaging prior to letting it rip. (the bag I mean, Ha!).

Here is what the bag says”

“Purrrhaps the most elegant animal to walk the earth, the regal feline has long been adored and admired for its grace. From Egyptian hieroglyphics to Instagram stars, the cat is to stranger to the spotlight…like any animal however, they also pass gas. Our feline benefactors have graciously, and lovingly, donated their farts (although they do detest that word) to help make the world a better place for all animals: 10% of all profits are donated to charities that support a more animal-friendly world.  100% Fancy. 100% Frisky. 100% Funny.”

The bag also claims that the cat farts are “the sweet taste of superiority” and urge you to buy more at the Bag of Farts website.

So after I read the bag, I ripped it open to find another clear bag inside, with an exploding fart graphic printed on the packaging, filled with pink cotton candy. I went ahead and opened the second bag, anticipating the possible smell of rotten eggs, but instead, I smelled a fruity, fluffy ball of bliss – the cotton candy of course. It pasted the smell test so I put it to the taste test and it passed with flying colors, also tasting like a fruity, fluffy, ball of bliss.

I went ahead and did a review of the product and the only con would be the price, but due to the packaging quality, the charitable cause and the humor of it, I think that the price is appropriate. This item is “purrfect” for any cat-lover, or animal lover in general and is a great gag gift or stocking stuffer that will be sure to offer the recipient lots of laughter.

You can also get other donated farts from other animals, including unicorn farts, dinosaur farts, stork farts, pony farts, and last but not least, dog farts.

If you check out the website, you can learn which type of fart goes to which wonderful cause. For example, dog and cat farts go to charities that help animals, pony farts go to charities that assist families impacted by pediatric cancer, and bunny farts support charities that help children with disabilities. Go ahead and take peek and a whiff here at their Bag of Farts page to learn more: Bag of Farts

I was definitely happy with this purchase and I think you will like the taste of fresh cat farts in the morning as well. Here is my overall product review:

Bag of Cat Farts Cotton Candy

Bag of Cat Farts Cotton Candy












  • Tastes Delicious.
  • Profit goes to Charities.
  • Makes a great gift.
  • Doesn't Smell Like a Fart.
  • Hilarious.


  • A Little Pricey

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