Awesome Gift Ideas Under 50 Dollars

Gift-giving can be stressful, I know. You find yourself browsing websites online for hours and hours and just can’t come to a decision on what to get your mother, your brother, your sister and your friends. (So stole that from Christina Aguilera – Ain’t No Other Man). I have been running (or surfing) into some things online that I think would be cool gifts. I also included some items that I have on my Amazon Wishlist, which is definitely awesome because, I mean, come on, I like cool stuff.

Alright so here it goes, Happy Shopping 🙂

1. 3D Unicorn Mug

Price: $13.19   Get it: Amazon

This mug is awesome, not only because it is unicorn themed, but also because the hilarious Greg Gutfeld uses it religiously, most often on shows like “The Five” and “The Greg Gutfeld” show.

3d Unicorn Mug


2. Q & A a Day: 5-Year Journal

Price: $10.27    Get it: Amazon

Not even joking, I bought this today and it is on it’s way. I bought it for myself though. Hee. Hee. What is cool about it, is that you literally answer a question everyday by jotting it down and each year you can see what you wrote in previous years. What a super cool way to reflect on your own growth. Also, of course a great and thoughtful gift idea.

journal gift
Photo Credit: A Model Recommends


3. The Tablift Tablet Stand

Price: $39.95    Get it: Amazon

Enjoy playing Clash Royale and Candy Crush on your tablet without holding it in the air and having it fall on your face, making you feel like a complete dork? If so you have found a preventative method for the terrible tablet to the face tragedy. (Or you can simply gift it to someone you love who has suffered a tablet-induced black eye.)

Stand for Tablets
Photo Credit: Drool’d

4. Fresh Divorce Papers Scented Candle

Price: $16.99     Get it: Flick Candles

What else can I say? Other than this is the perfect gift for someone who is happily going through a divorce. Lather on some humor to someone’s split, it will be sure to “light” up their life. 🙂

Divorce Candle Gift
Photo Credit: Flick Candles

5. Medieval Cheese Cutting Set

Price: $35.00  Get it: Uncommon Goods

Medieval and adorable don’t usually go in the same sentence but in this case they do. This medieval cheese cutting set is adorable.

Cheese Board Medieval Times
Photo Credit: What on Earth

6. Jack Rabbit Headphone Splitter

Price: $12.00  Get it: Urban Outfitters

This adorable little rabbit attachment is perfect for those who want to share music with others without having to share the headphones.

Urban Outfitters Jack Rabbit
Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

7. Sweet Tea Brewer

Price: $49.95   Get it: Hammacher Schlemmer

If you know anyone who would not like this (or God forbid, doesn’t like sweet tea), then buy it for them anyway and explain to them the importance of cherishing one of lifes greatest gifts: Sweet Tea.

Sweet Tea Brewer
Photo Credit: Hammacher Schlemmer

8. Drawstring Punching Bag for Laundry.

Price: $31.00  Get it: Amazon

Know anyone who hates doing laundry? Do they also love boxing? Why not intertwine the two and get them a laundry bag that looks like a punching bag? They can even hang it up like a real punching bag, so that before they grab the Downy and start a load, they can dramtically complain by grunting, punching and kicking their overloaded sack of dirty socks and sweaty gym shorts.

Punching Bag Laundry
Photo Credit: Amazon

9. Shark Sushi Serving Dish

Price: $34.94  Get it: Amazon

The absolute perfect gift for those who love seafood, or those who are obsessed with sharks. The best part is that the mouth of the shark is where the dipping sauce goes! B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T!

Shark Dish
Photo Credit: Amazon

10. WineOvation Wine Opener Gun

Price: $29.99  Get it: Amazon

This cordless, rechargable wine opener is everything. A cool looking device that will literally let you “take a shot” at opening your wine bottles. It can open up to 30 bottles when fully charged so you can “pop a top again” over and over and over and over…

Wine Pistol Opener
Photo Credit: Amazon

11. Gemstone Magnet Set

Price: $40.00  Get it: Leif

These beautiful magnets would be the perfect gift for that one quirky person you know that would adore having these on their refrigerator door. (Yes, Please!)

Gem Magnets Crystals
Photo Credit: Leif

12. Christmas Lights Charging Cable

Price: $16.00  Get it: Oddity Mall

Here’s a bright idea: Get this perfect phone charger for the person you love, who loves Christmas more than they love you. They can use this to blast their Christmas music in July.

Phone Charging Cable Christmas Lights
Photo Credit: Oddity Mall

And those my friends, those are just some of the best gifts EVER. Didn’t find anything that would be fitting for the person you are buying for? For more help, check out these outstanding websites, loaded with many more ideas and products.

Peculiar Presents

Oddity Mall

Uncommon Goods

Hard to Find

Paper Source (Check out this giant confetti-filled beach ball with the inflated letters of YAY inside, Omg, so cute!).

Perpetual Kid

Hey! Wait, don’t go yet!! Here are some quick gift-giving tips for ya:

  • Anything containing glitter is safe. Sprinkle it in their birthday card. Do. it. (okay, this might make some people mad, but if you know someone who is absolutely addicted to all things glittery, GO FOR IT! Us fun sprakly people love to get our hands dirty with that girly dust.
  • Don’t buy them clothes….just don’t.
  • Make sure they don’t have it already.
  • Stalk them online to see what they like that you don’t already know about.
  • Customize! Anything you personally customize is always more special. 🙂
  • Wrapping. Always wrap the gift. Use Tissue paper if you put it in a gift bag, and fill up the bag with small sentiments like Hershey’s kisses, lottery tickets, handwritten notes, photos or confetti. Even if the gift isn’t impressive, the effort will pay off and make them feel special.

You’re very welcome my darlings.

– Crystal <3

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