Check Out these Wild and Wacky Wedding Cakes

Know a wild and wacky couple who need a unique cake? You have come to the right place then. Feast your eyes upon these fun ideas that are wild and wacky in the best way possible. Oh, and don’t worry, this post won’t be sappy and Bridezilla-like, so you don’t need to worry about feeling like an unlovable, lonely goat by the end of it. See, I am as single as a bad jingle sung by a man eatin’ a pringle. And that’s a fact. So, don’t expect any mushy talk accompanying these cake descriptions, but do expect a little bit of bitter blurbs from yours truly. #singlegirlproblems

1. Aladdin-Themed Cake

Now, this is just mean. I bet this cake tastes just as good as how a big ole’ wad of brand spankin’ new dollar bills smell. More importantly though, this cake is beautiful, so you know for damn sure the bride is beautiful, spoiled and rich. Okay, maybe that was a little harsh but hey, I’m a wee bit jealous here….single….sitting in my sweats.

Aladdin Cake Disney Unique Wedding Cake Pillows Arabian Jasmine Genie Fun Ideas Decoration Colorful

2. Alice in Wonderland Cake

Beautiful, Interesting, and Bright! (Hopefully the bride is too.) This would be a definite crowd-pleaser and would fill the room with a whole bunch of cheshire cat smiles!

Alice in Wonderland Cake Wedding Disney Rabbit Time Late cheshire cat fun bright ideas
Anges de Sucre

3. Zombie Cake

Okay, Admit it, this cake is bloody perfect if you are getting married on Halloween!

bloody wedding cake zombies bride groom scary halloween bakery

4. Medieval Wedding Cake

The flowers just take the cake on this one. (hahahahaha get it?) I want a medieval wedding but nobody loves me.

medieval wedding cake flowers castle queen king white grey

5. Zebra Print Cake

Cute cake. But I bet that I wouldn’t get along with the girl who requested it. (I don’t mesh well with girls who have more sass than me, that’s all)

zebra print cake fun pink black white ideas cute pretty girly

6. Country Cake

The groom that is responsible for the design of this cake must be really loved by the woman who let this happen. You know when he saw this cake, he was probably grinnin’ like a possum eatin’ a sweet tater.

country redneck mudding cake--mudding-wedding-cakes-redneck-wedding-cakes

7. Mermaid Cake

This cake would knock any bride off her feet, er…I mean, tail.

Mermaid cake blue teal star scales love marriage tier

8. Glittery Pink Cake

Because who doesn’t want to shove a giant glob of glitter down the grooms throat?! Win!

Elegant Wedding Invites

9. Space Cake

This cake is out of this world!

space outer nasa cake wedding planets earth mars pluto neptune uranus jupiter mars saturn mercury venus

10. Entertainment Cake

BEST. CAKE. EVER!!!!!!!!!! Applause Applause, Bravo! Tell that cake maker to take a bow. It looks musically delicious!

entertainment music film wedding cake notes staff popcorn movies piano keys tier
Keen for Cakes

So the whole time that I was looking at all these cakes, I was thinkin’ “damn” If only I could have one of these cakes and eat it too!

gif lame funny movie clip girl god that was lame emma stone

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