Crystal’s Crazy Colorful Cinnamon Roll Cakes

Cinnamon Rolls – probably the most delicious thing under the sun. What could possibly make something as heaven-sent as cinnamon rolls even better? Well, if you are anything like me then the first thing that comes to your mind is bright, vibrant colors and…SPRINKLES! So, I got this idea from a blog post from Ashley Phipps, and loved how adorable they looked so I decided to try it out, while also adding my own little twist to it – Neon food coloring!

All you need is 3 simple ingredients:

  • 1 package of Cinnamon Rolls
  • 1 Package of Neon Food Coloring
  • A Bunch of Multi-Colored Sprinkles!
  • Pan (Any Size, Depending on how much you are making)

So I used 2 different kinds of cinnamon rolls, the flaky ones and the reduced fat ones. The flaky ones definitely look better when they come out of the oven but either one is fine because the sprinkles are literally the perfect food concealer to cover up any flaws.

So, First you want to open your cinnamon rolls and have a plate ready with your sprinkles and dye. Starting with your first cinnamon roll, unravel it on the plate and drizzle it with the color food dye of your choice (I recommend skipping the purple color, or your buns will look burnt when you remove them from the oven, I learned the hard way) and top with sprinkles. It should look like this:

As you roll the cinnamon roll dough back into shape, gently put pressure on it so that the sprinkles mold into the dough. Then roll that same bun in even more sprinkles to cover the top. Using the directions on your package of cinnamon rolls, place them into the oven and while you are waiting for them to finish baking, scrape the icing container(s) into a small bowl or plate and create a section for each color but adding 2-3 drops in each section like this:

Now, once your cute little sprinkles cakes are done baking and before you apply the icing, they will look like this: (Can you say YUM!?)

Now using your colored icing, apply the icing to your cinnamon rolls using a different color on each roll in any design or variation that you’d like, then sprinkle even MORE sprinkles on top. Now, oh yes, Now, you may gobble that little crazy colorful cake all up. I mean, who wouldn’t love these? Plus, if it is someones birthday, all you gotta do is stick a candle in the middle and call it a day – either way, these are truly taste (and look) like a wish come true.


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