Go Bananas about Bananas: All About Bananas!

Banana’s are one of the most popular fruits, with the average American eating around 28 pounds of bananas a year! It doesn’t surprise me though because they are so yummy in my tummy.  Not only that, they are always cheap, don’t make a mess and taste delicious. If you love your nanners like I do, then you will love this post all about bananas.

So, how did this fruit get such an awesome sounding name – banana? Well, the origin of the word banana omes from the native name in western Africa, from the Mande word “banäna” Want to know where they come from? This beauty right here:

Banana Tree
Photo Credit: Gesundpedia

You know what else is cool? The benefits of eating them bananas.

Banana Benefits:

Need more reasons to eat bananas? Check out these other benefits: Top 10 Home Remedies

Fun Banana Uses:

Who said learning about Bananas couldn’t be fun?! Check out these fun facts about the B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

  • Did a skeeter bite you on the rear? To relieve mosquito bites you can simply rub the banana peel on the bites.
  • Got a big bruise? Tape a banana peel over it overnight. (No, I am serious, Look here).
  • Do you flat-iron your hair everyday? Well, you betcha that bananas can help that too. Not only do they help strengthen your hair, but they improve blood circulation in your scalp and prevent split ends. Here, try a banana hair mask:
  • Whiten your teeth with banana peels.
  • Write a secret message on a banana and watch it magically appear hours later. FUN!

Or you can simply just decorate or write on them for fun. 🙂 These are my favorite!

Banana Minions!: 

Decorated Minion Bananas
Photo Credit: Pinterest


Banana Octopus!: 

Banana Octopus
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Banana Weiner Dogs!:

Banana Art Dogs
Photo Credit: YouTube

Okay, Okay, enough banana art.

Instead, lets look at some cool banana-themed products.



Photo Credit: Cnet

Banana Shorts: 

Girl, go ahead and Slap some banana shorts on your apple bottom.

banana shorts funny
Photo Credit: The Hunt

Banana Night Light!

Photo Credit: Hoobbe

Can you tell how much we love bananas?

Now last but certaintly not least, YUMMY BANANA RECIPES. Hurry, hurry, go buy some bananas quick!

Banana Caramel Pie

om nom nom nom. Get the recipe here: Red Cookbook

Banana Caramel Pie
Photo Credit: Red Cookbook

Peanut Butter Banana Cups

How good do these look? *sigh* Y’all eat some for me since I can’t! Recipe here: SkinnyMs

Peanut Butter Banana Cups Recipe
Photo Credit: SkinnyMs

Healthy Banana Cake

Want some cake? That’s cool. Want some banana cake? Oh, well I am glad you asked! Here is the recipe: Real Healthy Recipes

Healthy Banana Recipes Skinny
Photo Credit: Real Healthy Recipes

Alright, I could go on and on about how many yummy banana-infused recipes there are, but there are just SO many. (Thank you, Pinterest).

How about some Banana jokes? Come on, you know you need jiggle your giggle box. 🙂

Banana Jokes Puns

Banana Jokes & Puns

What do you call two banana skins? A pair of slippers!


Banana Joke
Photo Credit: Awesome Jelly


Banana Jokes
Photo Credit: Ice Cream Sundae

So, if you made it through the post, you either want some bananas super bad, or you don’t want to hear about bananas ever again. It’s okay. I will always love bananas because I can relate to them so much, because I also bruise easily and am always going through a split.

Ring, Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Banana Phone!



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