If Taylor Swift Blogged: 10 Things Mean Boys Do

Call me the Taylor Swift‘ of blogging if you will, because I am about to use this blog post as an opportunity to get out some frustration that I am currently going through. That frustration just happens to be figuring out that a man I thought had a “Perfectly Good Heart“, is really just another “Picture to Burn“. Yeah, I am probably going to be referencing plenty of lyrics from her songs, because they just happen to be what I listen to when I feel this way.

Anyways, I am going to go ahead and come Clean with my feelings about the “Mean” things boys do that really make us feel “Invisible“. Look what they made me do: 

1. Don’t Text Back

This also includes those who wait 22 hours between each text. You know the feeling when you “stare at the phone” wondering what you did wrong and if he ever will call/text back. Like, dude, if you are no longer interested, just say it. What did I do? “Did I say something way too honest, made you run and hide like a scared little boy?” Us girls know for a fact, no matter how busy we are, we find a way to text the guy back as soon as we can. Then, when you finally get a text back, he says something charming and sweet and you feel special and decide to watch it begin again But, big surprise, he continues to ignore you again after he fills your head with things you would hear from an epic “Love Story“. Oh, how miserable and magical.

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2. Cancel a Date on the Day of the Date

One of the worst feelings, am i right?! Here I am getting ready for you, bought a new pair of jeans that make that booty 3-D, and keep rehearsing what I will say to you, all giddy-eyed. Little do I know, you’re not even going to get to see my “Style” because your about to text me that you want to reschedule, what I thought was going to be the date of my “Wildest Dreams Now, the only reason I have rosy cheeks is because I am laying on the cold, hard ground feeling “Haunted. Like, who does that? You were telling me how excited you were all week, just to cancel as if it’s nothing? The worst part is “You’re not Sorry“.

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3. Don’t Say Goodbye

The moment you start wondering how many other girls he’s loved and left haunted. You’re texting someone you like for weeks, the conversation is going amazing and y’all have great conversations on the phone. Then out of nowhere, for no reason, they stop texting you completely. This just confirms the fact that boys Never Grow Up.” Like come on, just “Tell me Why” or simply say “Hey, I am no longer interested”. It is the polite thing to do, duh.

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4. Breaks Promises

You tell me everything you know I want to hear and it makes me completely Enchanted to meet you.  BUT you could write a book on how to ruin someone’s perfect day so you break a promise with a lame excuse. But of course, “my mind forgets to remind me, that you’re a bad idea.” and I forgive you because despite that, I remain “captivated by you, like a firework show“. 

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5. Lie, Lie, Lie

You catch them in a lie that is much more hurtful than telling you they are going to sleep, yet they are posting on Facebook for the next 2 hours. *sigh* “If this was a movie” you would just tell me the honest truth. ‘You can tell me that you’re sorry, but I don’t believe you, baby“. Chances are though, you’re going to just “Stay, Stay, Stay.

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6. Flirts with other Girls

Most of the time they even do it in front of you. Then they claim “Oh, I was just being nice!” or some other excuse but you know that nice and flirty are two different things. If you’re like me, you casually ignore yet another sign even though deep down you tell yourself “He was long gone when he met me and I realize the joke is on me“.

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7. Mood Swings

When you’re first trying to get to know a guy and he seems super into you, then he seems to be totally over you, and then he becomes super clingy, then stops talking to you completely for 2 weeks, then all of a sudden wants to talk again. HA. “All you are is mean. And a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life. And mean“.

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8. Pretend to be Mr. Right

Every now and then you will come across a guy who seems to have everything going for him. He makes you throw your head back laughin’ like a little kid, likes everything you like, for the most part. He has a similar personality, a smile to die for and tells you that he thinks you walk on “Holy Ground“. You turn “Red and think about how this just might be the beginning of your “Love Story“. You decide to take a chance on him and “Jump then Fall” after years of not dating anyone. For the first time in your life you felt overwhelmingly ‘Wonderstruck” but he shows his true colors by doing something shady. You then realize that he isn’t the one who will be saving you on his “White Horse.

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9. Makes you Cry

Whether it is because of a lie, a fight, or an action, he shatters all your expectations by hurting you enough to make you cry. Yet again he “made a really deep cut“, it’s over and “forgetting him is like trying to know somebody you never met.

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10. Doesn’t Care

All of the things above are worse when you know he isn’t shedding one tear for you, nor losing a minute of sleep. He probably is on a date with some other girl right now while you are sitting there sulking. He has deleted your number off his phone, but he is still in yours accompanied by a heart next to his name. He is probably laughing and flashing his “Gorgeous” smile without a care in the world, while you are ugly crying. For him, it is just another day, perhaps even “The Best Day“, while you sit there wanting to just tell him “I Wish you Would” realize how much of a good heart I have that never got the chance to get “Out of the Woods“. There is no doubt that I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me.

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You will however get through the heartache as you always do. You will eventually be able to “Shake it Off with ease and happily sing “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together“. You’re a hopeless romantic so you will still hold on to that hope that some day, someone will take you to ‘Wonderland“, fill in that “Blank Space” in your heart, make you feel like you’re made out of “Starlight“, while he honestly tells you “Forever and Always“- and that will be so much “Better than Revenge“.

P.S: To my long list of heartless heartbreakers, When you think Taylor Swift, I hope you think of me. XOXO,

– Crystal Eve <3

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Hello! My name is Crystal Kelley. I have a love for writing to express my thoughts on a variety of topics. I am always inspired by new things, therefore, what I will write about next is pleasantly unpredictable. I enjoy singing, drawing, playing piano, photography and my dog. Oh, and glitter really does run through my veins.

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