5 Ways to Eliminate Gym-time Panty Lines.

Nobody likes checking out their butt in the gym locker room mirror, with the bright lights exposing each and every single print on your panties. (Ugh, I hate that word (panties) but it fit so nicely with the word ‘print’). Maybe you don’t check out your butt in the mirror but find yourself unwillingly checking out everyone elses. You know what I am talking about; you’re making your way to the weights and you see shiny stripes in your peripherals, and turns out that it really is just some sheer yoga pants accompanied by tight butt-cheek hugging panty-lines. Hey, no-judge zone here, we have all been guilty of this. I think most women think this problem is just unavoidable, but I want to share some tips that will actually make it avoidable.

Check out the following steps to helping you get panty-line free:

(Note: I was not paid or asked to promote any products or information. All content is my own, is honest, and is based off of my own experiences and findings.)


No-Panty Line Commando Pants

These are specifically made for you to go commando to the gym or as the company states in the description: “Lined crotch gusset means you can wear these without undies (without worrying about showing too much).

Wearing these simply gets rid of the panty-line problem immediately, without the paranoia or stress about the exposure of bright lights. Totally worth it!

These come in XS to 3X sizes so you are sure to find the perfect fit. You can order these online for $99 at Dear Kate

2. UA HeatGearĀ® Armour Middy

Under Armour Shorts Womens

If you don’t want your buns going commando, no problemo. These are awesome. You still get rid of that panty line without giving up the panty. Get them here: Under Armour

3. Thong Thong Thong Thong Thong

Snow White Bashful GIF

Need I say more?

4. Patterns and Prints!

You know, there is a reason that a lot of the workout gear you see in the women’s section is plastered with floral prints and chevron patterns – because they help conseal panty lines and also prevent you from worrying if your pants are see-through or not. Now, I know, not all of us can pull off leopard print leggings (good grief, that was a horrible mental image of myself), but it is better than wondering what is going on back there when you bend over or sweat. This cute set below is by Fabletics

Fabletics Print Pants
Photo Credit: Fabletics

5. Invest In Some Stirrup Leggings/Pants

Stirrup Leggings
Photo Credit: Poshwear

Stirrup leggings are my favorite because I never have to worry about my pant legs riding up and I can get away with wearing mixmatched socks with no one noticing. (Ha). There are lots of ways you can use them:

  • Wear a thin under-layer of stirrup leggings over your underwear, but under your actual workout pants.
  • Wear them alone. (Only do this if they aren’t see-through.. My favorite are by 90 Degree by Reflex)Ā 
  • Wear tights underneath, shapewear, or thin shorts. (Size matters, so wear the right size, or else you will have lines from garments that are too tight)

I personally get so paranoid about whether or not people can see through my workout pants so these suggestions are from someone who knows the paranoia during a squat or a tredmill run! I hope one of them works for you, and if you have any other suggestions for this problem, let me know in the comments.


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