Joyous Jokes, Merry Memes and other Festive Fun to Get you in the Christmas Spirit!

So, I snatched up a bunch of goodies that I gathered up from the North Pole’s “World Wide Web” and am going to share them with you, so consider this post as a virtual stocking stuffer. There are a couple of rules though. 1. Laugh even if it’s not funny. 2. Share with your friends, it’s the right thing to do. 3. Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle. (You’ll get it later).

1. Even the Grumpy Cat can see the positives of Gift Giving!

Grumpy Cat Gift Giving Christmas Spirit Funny

2. Because Christmas Cookies are the Devil….the temptation is just too much….so OM NOM NOM all the way!

3. When you’re Dark inside (and out) but your Favorite Christmas Jam Starts Playing!

4. But I want that for ME!!


5. Just in case you need a new Christmas drinking game…

Christmas Drinking Game Santa Hat TV Holidays Fun Ideas
Your Christmas Countdown

6. Cutest Idea Ever

melted snowman water bottle h2o label idea funny

7. When the English language brings us gifts of humor…

When I think of you I touch my elf funny candy cane christmas meme elves cute flirt

8. When you reflect on the moment you found out about Santa…tragic times.

funny-christmas-comics-strips santa xmas 2017
Bored Panda

9. Nothin’ wrong with a redneck Christmas!

santa sled sleigh reindeer deer mount redneck xmas funny santa suit tractor
Wide Open Country

10. Christmas time isn’t complete without Cats, plain and simple.


Cats Santa Hat Costume Dressed Up GIF Kitty Kittens Xmas Christmas Holidays Funny Humor Joke fur

11. Santa Baby…..just because….

Sexy Santa Hat Man Pillow Clouds Hot Guy shirtless satin silk

12. Just in case you need it…

13. Silly Angels, Christmas is for Cats….

14. What do you call a Broke Santa?

Saint Nickel-Less!


15. For Folks who Always Gotta be Cute…

Tinsel Tangle Cute Saying Christmas Meme Haha

16. Throwback Photo of Justin Timberlake in the 90’s. Because this post needed more cheese.

justin timberlake christmas gift present tree wrapping cure funny humor xmas 90s

17. Bahahahaha!

santa kid lap crying funny boy christmas

18. This Cat is nailing that Christmas Attitude

santa cat mustache beard funny christmas xmas


First for Women

20. What nationality is Santa Claus?

North Polish! Hahahahaha.

Jokes 4 Us

and just for kicks and giggles, here is a picture of me during the holidays….

christmas photo crystal Kelley

Why do I feel like I look like the long-lost child of Dan Conner?

US Weekly

I think I watch too much TV….

roseanne giphy gif christmas funny gifts suck

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