Must-Have for Writers: 642 Things to Write About

This is going to be a product review about a book I bought about a year ago, and have written in over time. I am not writing this review for any company or for any compensation. I am writing it because I was reading some of my past entries today and found them to be absolutely hilarious, but more importantly, it will help you when you have writer’s block, by inspiring so many new ideas. Whether you are a blogger, author, or story-teller, you NEED this book. You can take a look at my official review at the bottom of this post, but first, let me show you how the book works.

So, This book is not simply a list of 642 things to write about, but it actually 642 writing prompts. For example, the first one says:

“You’re enjoying making sand castles at the beach, when the ocean waves wash up a message in a bottle. You pull out the message: What does it say?” 

Then you are given a space to write your answer below the prompt. It is pretty amazing what you can come up with when given a random, unique prompt. I realized this when I was skimming through my past entires because, boy, was there a lot of weird, crazy and ridiculous things that I wrote. I say a lot of weird, crazy and ridiculous things, but I write MUCH more weirder, crazier and more ridiculous things. Now, I didn’t realize this when I bought it, but I got the “Young Writer’s Edition”, so it is technically for kids, but they make a more adult-friendly version that I don’t have yet.

Anyways, If you try out this book, here is what you can expect: These are some of my entries from the book. Proceed with caution. Haha.

1. “You are Hiking through the woods, and you find three dinosaur eggs. What do you do?”

Okay, I wouldn’t actually make myself a sandwich with the eggs, but I was probably super hungry when I wrote it.

Here are some more examples of my responses to the prompts in the book:

2. ‘Phew! Something Smells Awful! What is it? Why is it so stinky?”

It is a piece of broken glass that was used to commit suicide by a dirty goblin who loved to eat rotten eggs.

3. “A Magical Raccoon with a rainbow tail climbs through your window”

We immediately become besties and start tickling eachother to the sounds of Disney Songs.

4. “You are a cowboy. Write a poem to your horse.”

Oh, Dandy Horse

I love you, Of Course!

Cuz We share beer and Corn,

until 4 in the Morn!

5. “One day you sprout a tail. What do you use it for?”

Well, I would use it as a fashion statement. I would open up a boutique that sells tail accessories. And of course, I would wag it when I’m giddy.

6. “Your dog has decided to learn a language. Convince her why French would be a good idea.”

Lily, you must choose to learn French because if you don’t, you will never be allowed to eat French fries ever again.

7. “If you didn’t care what anyone thought…”

I’d eat cake all day, naked, in my Crocs.

8. “Write about an abandoned ice cube abandoned under the fridge”

The ice cube cried for hours, lying on top of old cheerios and dust bunnies. The next day it was gone, without ever getting to take a swim in Jane’s cup of sweet tea.

9. Write from a cow’s perspective while it is being milked”

Being milked feels like gravity grew hands and developed a thirst for my strong supply of calcium, but didn’t want me to feel sad and used, so it enthusiastically tickled me as a thank you.”

10. Write a poem that uses as many words that begin with the first letter of your name as possible.

Catch Cute Cats

Cover them with Cake

C them Cuddle

Comb them on a Crate

Cheeks, Clouds, Coffee

Come to my Castle

I’ll Carve Cookies with my Car

to save the Chef the Hastle.

11. “A couple of cars next to eachother at a stoplight are having a conversation:”

Chevy: What’s up Honda!?

Honda: Not Much, Chevy, just been waiting forever for the green light. Luckily, I have a lot of gas.

Chevy: Yeah, I always have gas. These lights can be pretty slow. I get exhausted waiting.

Honda: GREEN! See ya later, Chevy, I hope you get your rear-end fixed soon.

12.  Describe a situation where you feel very uncomfortable. 

When I am in the produce section at Wal-Mart and the old lady stocking the celery lets out a fart.


Oh Lordy, I’m a little dorky. 

So perhaps this is a great gift for a kid, but I still enjoyed it very much as a twenty-something. The purpose of the book is to allow you to explore your creativity and is extremely thought-provoking writing playground, as stated on the back of the book. Here is my official review and a link to get your own copy:

642 Things to Write About

642 Things to Write About












  • Easy to Read
  • Wide Variety of Prompts
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Plenty of Writing Space
  • Affordable


  • Some Repetitive Themed Prompts

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