Why You Need a Yorkshire Terrier

So, I have a Yorkshire Terrier and think that it is the absolute best breed ever. Their adorable little expressive faces, the funny noises they make, their big personalities, and their sweet cuddles, are some of my favorite things about them. Sure, they are a little stubborn, take a while to housetrain, and can be yippy when a stranger is at the front door, but all of the positive things about Yorkies make those negative quirks all worthwhile.

Cute Yorkie Heart

So, the other night, around 3 O’Clock in the morning, I was taking my yorkie outside to potty and thought to myself “Hmm, she is taking longer than usual, let me go see what she is up to.”. So, I slipped on my Crocs and made my way to the corner of the yard where she was sniffing something, paying no attention to the fact I was there. (It was also muddy from the rain btw). So, I kind of startled her and said “Lily, whatcha doin?!” and she looks up at me and darts to the door so we can go back inside. So, I catch up to her after being careful to not walk in any mud puddles, and the flood light over the back door is lit on her so that i can actually see her. Muddy paws and all, she is sitting there looking up at me and looks it looks like she was decorated in green polka dots. Hundreds of Polka Dots.

Initially, I was scared, then realized they were harmless yard stickers, and then got irritated because all I wanted to do is crawl back in bed. But before I could do that I had to clean her up. As I got closer to her, I smelled something that definitely wasn’t a fart – yep she got poop smeared on her butt and stuck in her hair. After cleaning the poop, I sat on the kitchen floor pulling all these stickers out of her hair for about a good 30 minutes, clean her paws, and finally get back into bed. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Was I angry? Yes. Was I annoyed? Definitely. Did I still love her more than anything? You bet!

You see, Yorkies have that personality, them puppy dog eyes, and a glowing innocence about them that make literally anything they do impossible to stay mad at for a long period of time. Because once you clean them up, and head back to bed, you hear those little paws leaping back to the bedroom, and they leap into bed, sneak under the covers, and curl up in a little ball right next to your heart while giving you good night kisses that feel like a thousand genuine but innocent apologies.

When I have a bad day and need to cry, my yorkie licks my tears away. If I feel unpretty, she makes me feel like I am the most pretty human being she has ever seen. When I am bored, she darts into my room with a squeaky toy, and we start to play. When I am lonely, she immediately takes the loneliness away. But most importantly, when my heart feels broken, she puts all the pieces back together by simply being the sweetest, most adorable, intuitive and most loyal dog in the world. My best friend. πŸ™‚

I have never had a such a strong bond with a dog in my life. I would be willing to clean muddy paws, stickered hair, and poopy backsides every night for her and be completely happy that she is mine.

I made a simple infographic that broadly sums up why having a Yorkie is pretty awesome. Check it out:

Reasons to Get a Yorkie

Okay, so I used photos of my yorkie to make the infographic, but how could I not? Now, stop what you are doing and go get a Yorkie. I know you were thinking of possibly getting a Chihuahua or a Chocolate Lab, but trust me, you want a yorkie! πŸ™‚

For more important information about yorkies please visit Dog Time

– Crystal Eve <3

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  1. Albert Jones

    She is the most prettiest yorkie ever. Y’all are the greatest. Love your story about her.

    1. She really is! Glad you liked the story, haha

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