NFL Squad Goals: 9 NFL Team Products You Don’t Want on Your Blindside!

Football season is officially here and I couldn’t be more excited! It is fall semester, classes suck and the only thing that could make me feel better about it is some good ole’ Football. Now let me just put this out on the field: My team is America’s team – the Dallas Cowboys! So, for obvious reasons, the following products will feature the Cowboys, but if you click on the links, they will also take you to the same merchandise for other teams. I don’t know why you would want to buy something from another NFL team, but I am a sweetie poo and am including those links anyways. 🙂

Here we go!

1. Tailgater Hitch Cover

Maybe this is just the ‘Cowboy in Me” but this just screams “MUST HAVE!”. I don’t know about y’all but nothing is better than sitting on the tailgate, having an ice-cold beer. The football just makes it 100 times better of course. (Ohh, and throw in a big lake and some deer jerky). This hitch cover does not only make your vehicle look more fancy, but also works as a bottle opener for all them BYOB packs of Bud Light Lime. (Yum). Who’s bringin’ the beer salt?!

Dallas Cowboys: Hitch Cover  Other Teams:  Hitch Covers


Dallas Cowboys Tailgate Beer Opener Hitch Cover NFL
Sports Fanfare

2. Nail Polish

Add a little flair to that NFL swagger with these team-colored nail polish sets!!

Cowboys: Nail Polish Other teams: Nail Polish 

Dallas Cowboys Nail Polish Blue Set NFL
NFL Shop

3. Fan Mug

I have officially never seen a mug as awesome as this one. The helmet grill is the handle?! YES!!!! This mug is definitely one you need to tackle!

Cowboys: Mug Other Teams: Mug

House of Football

4. 6 Can NFL Shaft Cooler

You’ll be sure to score some extra points with this awesome and convenient can sling-style can cooler. Don’t like sharing your Dos Equis? Tired of people stealing your Blue Moon? Then this is for you, my friend.

See all Teams Can Coolers here: Wayfair

Dallas Cowboys 6 Can Shaft Cooler NFL Football Team

5.  Glitter NFL Pin

I just can’t make a list without including something sparkly, huh? But you know you want to ‘kick off’ this football season in some bling! 😉

Cowboys: Glitter Pin Other Teams: Glitter Pins

Dallas Cowboys Glitter

6. Socks

Because I just could not leave socks off of this list. Why? Because socks are awesome and I personally have these and can testify their ability to last for thousands of yards.

Cowboys socks: Amazon

Other Team Socks: Amazon

Dallas Cowboys Socks

7. Mailbox Covers

You’ll definitely score some extra points with your friends if you have this beauty on your mailbox.

Dallas: Mailbox Cover Other Teams: Mailbox Cover

Dallas Cowboys Football Mailbox Cover


8 .  Robe

Everyone needs a comfy, plush robe to sip their morning coffee to after an epic win the night before. (Or a cup of tears perhaps, if your team loses).

Robes for all Teams: Amazon




9.  Pride Light

Hee-Yaw! This is just awesome. Don’t you dare sit on the sidelines and miss out on this perfect time to electrify your home.

All NFL Team Lights: Amazon

Dallas Cowboys Pride Light

So, that wraps up the 4th quarter of this post. However, I do want to add a “post-game” tidbit here in honor of tomorrow being 9/11. Please remember all of those who fight for our freedom and never forget the thousands of lives that were lost. No matter what team you root for, we can all come to one mutual agreement: God Bless America. 🙂

In tribute of 9/11, Leave a comment of where you were when 9/11 happened, or who you knew that was affected. If you weren’t born yet, please don’t comment because it will make me feel really old. 😛 So, I remember September 11, 2001 vaguely. What I do remember clearly was sitting in my 1st period class at Alamo Elementary School, in Wichita Falls, TX. I remember this well because our teacher at the time turned on the TV in the classroom and put it on the news, and we saw the towers collapsing and whatnot right after it happened. I remember being confused and not really understanding how much of a big deal it was. Trust me, I definitely know how much of a big deal it is today. #NeverForget

Dallas Cowboys American Flag

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