Oh Yeah! Hello Kitty for Grown-Ups.

Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? I bet you can name atleast a few people you know who are absolutely obsessed. I have had so many Hello Kitty items as a kid, like a jewlery kit, school binders, body lotion, and socks. Now that I am an adult (ugh, it totally sucks), I don’t have as much HK (Hello Kitty) stuff. All I have now is a pink pullover in my closet, a mini trash bin and some HK slippers. That’s it. Unless you count my dog having HK bows for her hair – Hehe.

I personally would still wear Hello Kitty sneakers if they made them in my size, but I know most people wouldn’t, SO I found these awesome Hello Kitty items that are more “adult-ish” LOL

Especially this one:

1. Hello Kitty Wine

Yes, the first item is Hello Kitty WINE. Do you need a minute to calm down from the excitement? Okay, I’ll pause…..

Alright, are you okay? Good. Now go get a bottle here: Amazon – It is almost too cute to open, my gosh. Oh and there are many different kinds & styles that you can find and purchase here: Torti

Hello Kitty Wine Alcohol Booze

2. Hello Kitty Rose Repair Gel Mask

How adorable is this gel mask!? The color of the gel and the cute HK photo on the lid is so cute.  I bet it smells sooooo nice.

Here is what is says on the product:

With cutting-edge, 21st-century biotechnology, five rose plant stem cells – Rose Commiphora, Desert Rose, Damas Rose, Pale Rose and White Rose – are blended with four rose extracts – Rosa Damascena, Rosa Canina, Rose Hip Seed and Rose Water – in a cooling gel to help invigorate and improve the look of skin vitality. Helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration, dullness and sagging as it helps strengthen and tone the look of skin. Skin is left looking silky soft, radiant, beautiful and youthful.


You can get it here!: Peter Thomas Roth

Hello Kitty face mask gel


3. Hello Kitty Shot Glasses

Making drinking cute again with these sweet little shot glasses. Get them here: Entertainment Earth Oh and you can fill them up with this Hello Kitty liquor: Eat Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Shot Glasses
Entertainment Earth

4. Hello Kitty Tattoo

Okay, so I know tattoos aren’t for everyone, but you have to admit that this one is insanely cute. Now, I wouldn’t recommend getting it on your wrist. (because, well, I have a tattoo on my wrist and regret getting it there), but that is just me! I love how simple this tattoo is. That classic pink bow is everything.

You can’t buy tattoos online, so I am afraid if you want this you will have to go to a tattoo parlor. Haha. (That was me trying to be funny, so this is when you do a fake laugh for me).

Hello Kitty Tattoo Cute

5. Hello Kitty Pocket Knife

Whether it is for self-defense, opening boxes, or opening one of those annoying plastic packages that are impossible to open, this knife will get the job done. Don’t assume otherwise just because it is adorable. This item is currently out of stock on Amazon and Ebay, but you can check for the availability here: AmazonEbay

Hello Kitty Self Defense

You would actually be amazed at what items are sold that are Hello Kitty themed. Literally everything you can think of. Toilet paper, maternity wards, and yes, tampons. Don’t believe me? Google it, my friends! 🙂 OOOOOOH. Hello Kitty Stickers. I get distracted so easily.

Hello Kitty Stickers


And just for kicks and giggles, an old drawing I did of HK herself:

Hello Kitty Art

Got any other items that should be on this list? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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