OMG! The Best Mermaid-Inspired Products Ever!

Everyone knows someone who would just love to be a mermaid. I, for one, am one of those people who thinks it would be the absolute bomb. The fact that mermaid-inspired products are often made in my favorite colors, splashed with metallic elements and glitter only makes the obsession worse. Companies everywhere have put an underwater twist to all our favorite things so that we can all fulfill our inner mermaid fantasies. *sigh* It is getting so hard to keep up with all the different variations of scale-textured leggings and blankets that make our feet look like fins. Luckily though, I have compiled up a list of my all-time favorite mermaid-themed products including the essential gadgets, gizmos, thingamabobs and of course, the absolute must-have dinglehoppers.

Mermaid Make-Up Brushes

Perfect for applying that sparkly glow to your sun-kissed mermaid face.

Spoil your inner sea princess and get them now at Flawless Lighting

Mermaid Pillows

Sequin Mermaid Pillow

Yeah, everyone knows about the mermaid-sequin pillows that are pretty much the most mesmerizing thing we have ever seen. They are everywhere. This one is the prettiest one out there though. Mermaid must-have! Get it over at Mermaid Pillow Co.

Amethyst Mermaid Ring

Amethyst Mermaid Ring Purple

This just might be my favorite item on this list. It is pretty much the most perfect ring on the planet and I know you agree. They are available in multiple colors too, so don’t even hesitate, go get one now at Jeulia! 

Mermaid Earrings

Mermaid Earrings Rose Gold

Check out these absolutely gorgeous mermaid scale earrings! I am pretty certain that I need the ones in turquoise. These are guaranteed to bring all the mermen to the yard. Check them out now at Rose Gold Vintage.

Mermaid Jacket

This, my friends, is the Taylor Mermaid Sequin Bomber Jacket by Jaded London. This is absolutely adorable! Shop for this top at TopShop!

A Dinglehopper

You might not want to brush your hair with it but look at this dinglehopper, isn’t it neat? Get it now to make your collection complete: Etsy

Mermaid Goblet

Pretend you are the queen of the underwater version of Game of Thrones – this would have your name written all over it. Check it out here from A Soulful Journey

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

So, this might be a little extreme to some – but I would totally get married in the these! You know you want to rock on of these – so go ahead and check these amazing dresses out at  Teuta Matoshi Duriqi

Sea Dream Gladiator Sandals

So, these sandals have to be the cutest item on the list. Perfect for by the water! Just in time for summer so pick yourself up a pair here at Dolls Kill. 

Okay, so there are many, many, many more mermaid products out there to drool over all day, but these were my favorite finds! If you have a mermaid-inspired product that you think deserved to be on the list, shoot me the link below in the comments!

– Crystal <3

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