Playlist of the Week: 1st Edition

I was browsing the net on Sunday afternoon, visiting random Game of Thrones websites, listening to music and occasionally viewing pictures of yummy looking steak on Google Images, and in the process I thought to myself “Man, this song is so good. I feel bad for people who can’t blast this song in their car”. This is when I thought, Ok, how about I just create a playlist each week of my favorite music recommendations so that I can atleast introduce awesome music to some people.

So, with that being said, I highly recommend the following tunes, and if you have a heartbeat, you’re bound to love atleast one of them. ๐Ÿ™‚ These just aren’t any songs, these are songs that have the ability to heighten my emotions in a way that only music can. Want to feel happy? Need a song to cry to? Need more confidence of motivation? Or do you just want to feel some Nostalgia? The following songs will hit one of those catagories for sure. Pinky promise!ย 

Check out this week’s playlist:

1. ย Halsey – Bad at Love

This song is pretty much an anthem for all of us who are ‘Bad at Love“. ย It has a fun beat, fun lyrics and catchy pre-chorus/chorus – all great elements of a great song. ๐Ÿ™‚ This album in general is really good. Halsey has such an amazing sounding voice.

2. Britney Spears – Man on the Moon

Okay, so this is your typical Britney sounding song, but it is one of her more catchy ones, atleast in my opinion. It is basically
about a girl waiting for the man of her dreams and feeling as if she “can’t compete with the stars in the sky” or “invisible”. It has a really
fun beat to it though and it perfect for blaring in your car. ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Katy Perry – Roulette

Let’s be honest real quick and just regretfully admit that Katy Perry‘s new album is, well, not her best. This song, however, is amazing and is by far, my favorite song on this album. It has a sexier vibe to it, but it all about having fun and letting your hair down – it is so much fun to lip sync to in the car while you pretend all the cars are your fans in the audience. (Yep, I totally do this).

4. The Chainsmokers – Young

The Chainsmokers did a bangin’ job on this new album. Honestly, their hit single, ‘Closer‘, sounded like it would be a one hit wonder, but that is defintely
not the case. This song has a similar sound to ‘Closer‘ but is more fun and playful. Learning to love is hard when you’re young, but no matter your age, you’ll
llikely like this.

5. Camila Cabello – Crying in the Club

I heard this song for the first time a few days ago and it is a rarity – a sad club song. If that doesn’t make sense, think of it as a song you would possibly
hear in the club but the lyrics alone are about being hurt over feeling lost without a certain guy, feeling sad, wanting to cry. It makes you feel better if
you relate with the song, even if you ain’t at the club, but are at home dancing and crying in your underwear. (Wait, what? I don’t do that…Ha).

6. Sia – Bird Set Free

We all know that Sia releases nothing but gold! Them vocals, the inspirational climax bridges and heart-tugging lyrics. Any song on “This is Acting” is amazing but this one is one in particular that I like to listen to at the gym, in my car, or sitting out in the sun. It is so perfect and confidence-inducing through it’s lyrics speaking about overcoming tragedy or worry. ๐Ÿ™‚

7. Tove Lo – Moments

Tove Lo has some pretty good songs under her belt, but this one is definitely a highlight. (Much better than ‘Habits’). I am not sure if the intention of the lyrics in this song was meant to be literal, but I like how it shows a little vulnerability by expressing one’s awareness of their own flaws, imperfections and rough edges, but still knowing the fact that sometimes we are all extremely charming. Great track!

8. Halsey – Eyes Closed

Another amazing track by Halsey. I am not being biased, because I have only know about her for a couple of months, so these songs are slowly but surely making me obsessed with her stuff. This song is pretty much telling someone you used to be with, that when you are with your new boyfriend, and your eyes are closed, they look and feel like them. Kind of harsh for the new guy, but the beat in this song is sick. This is definitely my song to Channing Tatum.

9. Logic feat. Alessia Cara – 1-800-273-8255

This is one that is a bit different than the other songs on the list because it is just about struggling in life, not wanting to live, but progressively getting to a better place where you want to live. The title/phone number in the title is actually the number to the National Suicide Hotline. Brilliant idea since listening to this song for the first time, you are shocked that it isn’t inspirational…until you get the end atleast. ๐Ÿ™‚ Depression and suicidal thoughts are serious though, so if you are having those thoughts of wanting to die, please call the number that the song is titled: 1-800-273-8255.

10. Christina Aguilera – Monday Morning

Oldie but Goody! This song is from Christina Aguilera‘s fourth album, ‘Bionic‘ and it is considered an extra track on the deluxe version of the album, so perhaps less people have heard it. It sounds like you should be playing it at the beach or by the pool while playing hookie off work. (Not that I recommend that). It is exactly about what you think it is – forgetting about that horrid Monday Morning. (More modern version of Manic Monday, perhaps?).

That is this week’s playlist and I do hope to keep this going each week! I am always looking for new music recommendations so if you have any of your own suggestions, please drop them in the comments below!



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