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So, I have been studying German for about a year now and something has been bothering me ever since I decided to choose German as my second language. If you found this post, you probably searched Google for something like “Should I learn German or French?” or “Is learning German useless?” like I did when I was deciding. There was a common trend that I noticed and it included almost every page I came across saying things like “German is ugly” or “Learn French instead, it is sexy!” or “Choose Spanish, more people speak it!” This made me second guess my decision to choose German because I wanted the new language that I learned to be admirable and common but at the same time, I had no interest in learning French. Sure, it would probably be more useful and cool to be able to speak and understand but something about German consumed me with passion and interest.

My point is, if you are reading this because you are trying to figure out which language to study next, I am urging you to pick a language that gives you the desire to learn and makes you excited about doing so.If that language is German, go for it! You do not need to go with the stereotypical path to French or Spanish that is often pushed onto you by the majority. You will be much more likely to complete the language if you are passionate about it. Phew, okay, I will stop lecturing you and share this infographic I made that will hopefully nudge you towards choosing German as your next language because German is awesome. Lernen ist gut für dich!

Yes, I am not going to lie, German is difficult, atleast for me. But I have so much fun learning it, I enjoy the way it sounds, and that is what matters. Not sure if you want to make the committment? Try downloading Duolingo or Memrise on your phone for a free language learning experience. If you don’t feel like it is going to be for you, then pick something else. 🙂

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