Rugs for Fun People!

So, I wanted to blog about something that I don’t see very often. Something that you might only come across in a retro coffee shop or a museum. In other words, FUN RUGS!

Everywhere I go I see brown and black rugs with swirly elegant designs on them and just looking at them puts me to sleep. Don’t get me wrong “fun rugs” just wouldn’t look or feel right in certain places, such as a Men’s Tuxedo store. Ok, that is a bad example, but I think you catch my drift. I personally love colorful, bright and interesting rugs. I also like rugs that are covered in hearts, stars and disney princesses but I am not going to go that far in this post, don’t worry.

These are some rugs that I have found that I would just love to have in my future house. (However, I do love victorian styled rooms, but I will save that for another post).

Anyways, these are for my fellow FUN people who have quirky turkey brains like myself. 🙂

1. Colorful “Shift” Rug

This rug is designed by John Opella and as soon as I saw it, I thought “wow” How fun! I would just love to have this is a chill-out room that would make me feel like I was one of the go-go dancers in Austin Powers….Groovy Baby Yeah. Do you also like to live dangerously? If so, get it here: Kyle Bunting

shift rug kyle colorful
Grace Home Design, Inc. 

2. Funk Box Rug

Oh, look at this one. It looks like an up-close view of pixels or what it would look like playing tetris with someone who really sucks at it. Haha. I love this rug so much because it can pretty much match anything. Atleast in my mind. 🙂 Check it out here: Rug Store

Funk Box Rug

3. Colorful Peacock Rug

What an awesome rug. I love how it has different sections that have their own unique sense of crazy. What sucks is that I couldn’t find where this is sold at. So if you want this one, you gotta go fishin’ for it like I did. No luck here, but it you find out, let me know in the comments where it can be bought so I can add the link here. 🙂

Peacock Rug Colorful
Home Decorations

4. Red Carpet Rug (with LED lights!)

This one just excites my inner child more than anything. Well, let’s be honest, it excites the adult me too. L-O-L. I can definitely see myself standing on this posing for imaginary photographers while I am wrapped up in a blanket that I pretend is a big fancy gown. If you are judging me right now, you know you’re guilty of some silly stuff you do when no one is looking. For example, eating in front of a mirror so you know what you look like when you eat…heh…(I totally don’t do that one though). Anyways, check out this rug here: Photo Booth Labs

Red Carpet Rug LED Lights


5. Mohawk Majestic Unicorn Royal Area Rug

What can I say, this rug is simple but if you slap a big purple unicorn on it, BAM, It is fun now. Check it out here: Target

6. The Kaleidoscope Rug by Sonya Winner

If you visit Sonya Winner’s website, you can see other designs she has that are similar to this one. So unique. I love how the chairs match too. Who needs a traditional rectangle rug when you can have a icosihenagon! Oh and check out Sonya’s other rugs here: Sonya


7. Your Zone Leopard Print Rainbow Rug

I actually have this rug in my bedroom. I ain’t jokin’ either. I bought it at Wal-Mart back in 2015. It holds up pretty well and still is bright as ever! It is one of the cheaper rugs on this list for sure. You know you want this rug. I did, and I remember it like it was yesterday. I placed it in my buggie (wal-mart cart) so that everyone could see it as I walked around the next hour and a half. You can get one here at the good ole’ Wally World website: Wal-Mart (Did I mention it is on sale for $6.65?).

leopard print rug walmart

Well, that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed these eye-candy carpets as much as I did. Make sure to drop any links to any rugs that should be on this list, in the comments below!

– Crystal Eve <3

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