How to Stop Drinking Soda Once and For All!

The satisfaction of opening a cold soda. It is a damn good feeling – I know. There is nothing like coming home after a long day, dropping your keys, grabbing a coke, and hearing that fizz as you taste that crisp, bubbly concoction of goodness. Now, you’re probably thinking “Crap, Now I want a Diet Coke – Wasn’t this post supposed to help me not drink soda anymore?” Okay, yeah you are right. But what if I told you that you could still enjoy the fun quirks that make soda so refreshing, without actually drinking soda? I have been soda-free since February 24th, 2017 and I am going to share with you the tricks to being successful, without feeling as if you are going to go murder someone in a station wagon full of handmade explosives.

Step 1: Get Soda Out of Your House

Yeah this part seems terrible, but the next step is going to be crucial for your success, and will also make this step super easy. Just trust me here.

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Step 2: Make it Public

You are more likely to succeed if you let everyone you know that you are done with Soda. This will help you feel more accountable and perhaps prevent your friends or family from offering you a coke. Let them know your reasons and why it is important to you. This is an important foundation in order for you to get started, otherwise you will say “Screw this, Maybe next year” and get back to your old habits without guilt or defeat.

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Step 3: Find a Satisfying Alternative to Soda

This part is what is going to help you succeed. I have only been able to make it this far without soda because of these tips and tricks. All of these options are ones that I use personally and allow me to chug as much carbonation down as I please. Now you can use any flavors you want, but the recommendations below are ones that I use. Honestly, the possibilities are endless, but to get you started here are some good combinations.

All you need is canned seltzer water (Plain or flavored) and something to mix into it. (Mio, Juice, or Fruit)

Now depending on your reasons for quitting soda, there are things you need to look for. Are you sick of the sugar? Do you drink Diet soda but it causes too many cravings and hunger? Don’t need the caffeine? Or do you simply not like the chemicals and ingredients? If so, simply make sure the additives you use are sugar-free or natural. When choosing a seltzer water, make sure it is 0 calories and only has 1 or 2 ingredients, which is carbonation and natural flavor. It would kind of defeat the purpose if you used an artificially flavored carbonated water with added sugar and regular sugary juices. As far as seltzer water goes, I prefer the generic brand at my local grocery store or La Croix. (However La Croix is pretty expensive so if you can afford it, go for it!).

All of these recommendations are 1 can of seltzer water and 5-10 drops of Mio or half a cup of juice but the ratio is totally up to you.

Plain Seltzer Water +  Orange Vanilla Mio

Cranberry-Lime Seltzer Water + Diet Cranberry Juice (Half a cup)

Lime Seltzer Water + Lime Juice & Fresh Limes

Strawberry Seltzer Water + Strawberries

Plain Seltzer Water + Strawberry Watermelon Mio

Note: None of these options have caffeine, so if you are like me, and you NEED caffeine, All I can say is Coffee, Coffee, Coffee. 🙂

Anyhow, All you need to do is experiment until you find a flavor you like. Now, I like plain seltzer water without adding anything if I have to, but on days where I really want a diet cherry coke, I find that mixing in some cherry Mio to my seltzer water satisfies that want completely. Now, All I’m sayin’ is don’t knock it until you try it! Let me know what you think, and Good Luck!

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