The Ultimate Magical and Metaphorical Kaleidoscope of Rainbows and Unicorns

Unicorns have taken the world by storm. It’s a unicorn hurricane out there! If you are like me though, you embrace it and take it all in. Why? Because Unicorns are adorable, they poop rainbows and usually are associated with Lisa-Frank inspired colors and glitter. (Which are pretty much the best things on the planet). I have been finding so many unique things on the net that are Unicorn inspired and I couldn’t just NOT share them with you guys. Get ready to satisfy your unicorn fix with these fantastical unicorn inspired products, food and feelings.

1. Inflatable Unicorn

With this amazing inflatable unicorn, you can ride one on water like a boss! You can get it at one of my new favorite sites: Perpetual Kid

Inflatable Unicorn Pool
Perpetual Kid

2. Unicorn Tears Gin

If you are 21 or older, then you can enjoy some unicorn tears. I have cried myself some of my own unicorn tears because it isn’t sold in the U.S. NOOOOOO!

Unicorn Tears Gin

3. Super Cute Unicorn Jean Jacket

How sweet does this unicorn jean jacket look? This girl knows how to rock it with those holographic shorts! Get it here at Dolls Kill.

Unicorn Jean Jacket
Dolls Kill

4. Unicorn Headphones

Don’t hit your horn when your walking around in these. The horn is sacred my friends.

Unicorn Headphones Horn

5.  Unicorn Neck Pillow

How freakin’ cool would someone look if they pulled THIS out on the plane. Who invented this? Slow clap for you, genius. Sold at Kigurumi Shop

Unicorn Head Rest
Kigurumi Shop

6.  DIY Unicorn Slime

You can be creative with this one by choosing your own beads, colors, and jewels. I love it so much, not only because it is unicorn themed, but because of those beautiful specs of glitter. Ahh, glitter makes everything better. Even slime!

Unicorn Slime

7. Unicorn Cheesecake Bars

Can you say YUM-MY! These look magically delicious (Haha, get it). So you wanna make it, huh? Well here you go but you have to promise to send some over my way so i can stuff my face: Bru Crew

Unicorn Cheesecake Rainbow
Bru Crew

8. Unicorn Bark

I have tried this and it is scrumpcious! You can be creative with this as well with food dye, colored sprinkles, and I like to always include lucky charms in mine. It is so easy to make too. Like…..super, stinkin easy y’all! Here ya go: Delish

Unicorn Bark Recipe

9. Unicorn Robe

Look like a numba one stunna with this epic unicorn robe. I need this. I definitely need this. Source: Primark

Unicorn Robe

10. Unicorn Blood Necklace

If only we could all have sparkly blue blood. *sigh* Luulla lets us wear some around our necks though: Luulla 

Unicorn Blood Glitter Neckalce

11. Unicorn Light

Wow. Look at that. And the color is perfect. So majestic! Check it out: Distinctive Merchandise

Unicorn Light
Distinctive Merchandise
Unicorn Graphic

 12. Unicorn Tube Socks!

I don’t know about you but I would love to strut around the house in these babies! Strut with me: Living Royal

Unicorn Tube Socks
Living Royal

13. Unicorn Pens

Use these super cute Unicorn pens to write down all your wildest dreams: Beserk

Unicorn Pens

14. Unicorn Snow Globe

I love snow globes! You know, if I ever won the lottery, I think I would collect snow globes. They are always so pretty and soothing to look at.


15. I Sweat Rainbow Top

Wear this to let others subtly know that you sweat pure rainbow. I am a member of the glitter rainbow sweat squad. Are you? Human

Sweat Rainbow Unicorn Shirt

16. Unicorn Trainer Make-Up Bag

Store all your glitter in this adorable holographic bag.  Lion tamers are totally boring when you are a legendary unicorn trainer.

Unicorn Bag Trainer

17. Unicorn Pillow

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever seen a cuter pillow in your life?! Me either!!! Check it out: Mermaid Pillow Company

Mermaid Pillow Co.

18. Unicorn Gum

Blow some magical bubbles with this unicorn gum! Here: Hyatts

Unicorn Hum

19. Unicorn Swimsuit

Ahhh! How cute is this?! How fun! Here you go: Spangled

Swimsuit, bathing suit unicorn

20. Unicorn Hair

Dye your hair purple and BAM you are a Unicorn. Well they have a ton of Unicorn friendly colors here: Lime Crime

Unicorn Hair
Lime Crime

21. Unicorn Luggage Tag

I wish I could travel more because one of my favorite things EVER is that moment when your waiting by the luggage tredmill (I forgot what they are called) and you instantly see your luggage because you made sure to put a bright tag on it. I am pretty sure people around me secretly think to themselves “Omg, that is so cute, I wonder where she got that Unicorn tag!” Tag your luggage with pure magic now: Loft Livery

Loft Livery
Loft Livery

22. Unicorn Keychain

Look at the sweet little dancing unicorn! It is so stinkin’ cute with it’s little polka-dotted underwear. Haha. Want one? Okay here: Box Monster 

Dancing Unicorn Keychain
Box Monster

23. Unicorn Gold

Well, it isn’t gold but it will keep your bathroom from smelling like poo. And that’s golden my friends. So is the hysterical name: Tropical Dropsicle. DEAD.

Many other scents here: Amazon

Unicorn Gold Squatty Potty

24. Unicorn Soap

IT HAS SPARKLES IN IT. ALL SOAP SHOULD HAVE SPARKLES! I am sick of cleaning myself with boring white ovals. Wash your arms, neck, feet and toes with Rainbow Unicorn here: Maison Apothecare

Unicorn Soap Handmade
Maison Apothecare

25. Unicorn Sandals

Last, but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST. These amazing sandals. I need them NOW. O.M.G. This unicorn is shedding a rainbow tear as she dreams of having these! If you can afford them, you are one lucky duck. They are available here: Dolls Kill

Unicorn Sandals
Dolls Kill


I am still hyperventalating over those shoes! Phew! If anyone gets these shoes, you have to share the photos or it didn’t happen! So, my fellow unicorn lovers, I hope you found something you love on this list. I put it together only featuring items that I personally thought were cute. And lets face it, I have magical taste. 🙂

– Crystal Eve <3

Now I shall leave you with this adorable unicorn photo:

Cute Unicorn
Wall Monkeys


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