Then and Now: 20 Must See Photos of Celebrity Transformations

So, There are a lot of articles/presentations/blog posts on this topic but I wanted to create the ultimate list of celebrities with their photos from long ago, in comparison to how they look today. I sailed the entire world-wide web to find these unforgettable photos. Now, lets take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Here are some of our favorite celebrities way back then and today.

1. Jessica & Ashley Simpson

Look at those poofy bangs! I bet their dresses are poofy too, because this was likely taken in the late 80’s, when fashion was cringe-worthy. Still a cute picture though!

Photo Credit: Just Jared, Entertainment Wise

2. Donald Trump

This is not fake news! This is POTUS back in the day. WAY back in the day and then of course more recent photos. He was quite a hunk as a young man!

Then and Now Donald Trump
Photo Credit: Daily Mail, Liberty Conservative, Newsday, Rolling Stone

3. Gwen Stefani

“Don’t speak”. Just look at the amazing difference time makes!

Gwen Stefani Then and Now
Photo Credit: Talking with Tami, Daily Mail

4. Halsey

This “Bad at Love” singer has come a long way from the curly locks and glasses.

Halsey as a Child
Photo Credit: Got Celeb, Twitter

5. George Clooney

This is sort of creepy. He still looks the same!

George Clooney as a Child
Photo Credit: ABC News, Taddlr

6. Aaron Carter

I dreamt about being Aaron Carter’s girlfriend for the majority of my childhood. Now that I am an adult, not so much. But that’s ok. To be fair, he has recently gained some weight and it looking pretty good. Check out his Twitter for recent photos!

Aaron Carter Before and After
Photo Credit: ET, Alchetron

7. Channing Tatum

My ideal weight is Channing Tatum on top of me. In the more recent photo of course. Now wipe the drool off your chin, babes.

Channing Tatum as a Child
Photo Credit: E! News, Style Figures

8. Christina Aguilera

The greatest singer of all time and doesn’t age. She has superpowers and I need them!

Christina Aguilera Childhood Photos
Photo Credit: Pop Sugar, InStyle

9. Kristen Stewart

We all know her from the hit saga series “Twilight” but she looks nothing like she does in the movies in either of these photos. Need a reminder? Click Here.

Kristen Stewart Before and After
Photo Credits: Pop Sugar, Go2Hollywood

10. Patrick Dempsey

We know him as “McDreamy” or “Derek” (If you haven’t seen Grey’s Anatomy, drop everything now and watch it!) Before he was McDreamy, he was McNerdy and it’s adorable. (Notice the super old-school Adidas T-shirt, haha).

Patrick Dempsey Greys Anatomy Before After Childhood Photos
Photo Credit: Ranker. HuffPost

11. Justin Bieber

How adorable was the beebz back in the day? Before he gave every girl in America ‘Bieber Fever”.

Justin Bieber Childhood Photos
Photo Credit: Star Changes, Man Repeller

12. Taylor Swift

Before she was shaking it off, crying on her guitar, and making sparks fly, she was a normal kid. An adorable one, who just happens to be rockin’ a late 90’s hairstyle.

Taylor Swift Childhood Photos Before and After
Photo Credit: Hollywood Life, Good Music All Day

13. Katy Perry

One thing is for sure about Katy Perry: She has always had that sass.

Katy Perry Childhood Photos
Photo Credit: In Style, Starcasm

14. George W. Bush

Way back when he was a boy scout, Our 43rd President of the United States looked like this and it is adorable.

George W. Bush Childhood Photo Boy Scouts
Photo Credit: Pinterest, Ronaldwederfoort

15. Robin Williams

Before he made it big he was quite charming with that big, adorable Robin-Williams smile. RIP.

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter, Factinate

16. Tyra Banks

Another celebrity who doesn’t seem to age. She still looks stunning at 43!

Tyra Banks Childhood Photos
Photo Credit: Pinterest, Cetusnews

17. Emilia Clarke

Before she became Khaleesi, she was not a white-haired mother of dragons.

Emilia Clarke Childhood Photos
Photo Credit: Crave

18. Sophie Turner

Before she was Sansa Stark. Sansa or Sophie, she is stunning either way.

Sophie TUrner Childhood Photos
Photo Credit: Bodybuilding,

19. Lady Gaga

We all love Lady Gaga then and now.

Lady Gaga Childhood Photos
Photo Credit: Pinterest, LiveJournal

20. Dakota Fanning

The star of one of my all-time favorite movies: Uptown Girls. Time flies eh?!

Dakota Fanning Childhood Photos
Photo Credit: Refinery 29, Tinychan

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