Things You Can Do With Glitter Glue

I miss glitter glue from my elementary school days. And my middle school days. Okay, Okay AND my high school days. It is so pretty compared to the oh so boring white glue. (zzz) I don’t find myself using glue now-a-days so I can’t enjoy it anymore. Wait, but I can! Because of these amazing pins I found on Pinterest with the ultimate DIY glitter glue ideas. You better pin these ideas because they literally take glitter glue to an entirely new level. A level that I love because I get to have an excuse to bring out my inner wacky crafty super-powers.

1. Glitter Slime

Yaaaaaaas! This reminds me of the pre-made packages of Slime that Nickelodeon used to make. (I am not sure if they still do, Hmm)

Anyways, I found this nifty little infographic on how to make it, created by

Glitter Glue Slime Directions Infographic Steps

2. Glitter Calming Mason Jar

These glitter jars are amazing. If you ever get a chance to make one, do it. It is so easy, inexpensive and fun! I am planning on making one very soon and am going to add in cool sequins and beads. I’ll have to do an update post with it. Here are the instructions to make one like the one in the photo below: Instructables 

Glitter Glue Calming Mason Jar

3. DIY Crystals

You may know why I love this one so much. 😉 Other than the amazing name, they also look incredible. The girl in the video doesn’t use glitter glue, but you can, and you should!

DIY Crystals

Video Tutorial:

4. Glitter Glue Sponges

How fun! These sponges are definitely up my alley. It makes me wonder why Spongebob Squarepants isn’t covered in glitter. Sad.

Learn how to make these at Mrs. D’s Corner

Glitter Glue Sponges


5. Mermaid Necklace

You can make this beautiful mermaid necklace that just happens to include glitter glue. 🙂 Learn how here: True Blue

Glitter Glue Mermaid Necklace

Those are my favorite glitter glue ideas and I am always looking for more ideas so that glitter glue can still be incorporated in my life, hahaha.

Got any ideas I didn’t mention. Drop em’ in the comments below!

– Crystal Eve <3

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