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I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t obsessed with Lisa Frank. I was so captivated by the designs that featured bright colors, smiling pandas, and bunnies riding in spinning teacups. I suppose it is safe to conclude that I am still a huge fan since I have a Lisa Frank calendar on my wall. Hey, no shame here. My fellow 90’s kids know the struggle of needing every single Lisa Frank school supply there was. The clothes, backpacks, binders, pencils, stickers, and folders were just some of the must-haves in good ole’ 1998.

Like this gem:

Lisa Frank Locket Diary Journal

I am actually pretty darn sure that is the exact diary I had. (Probably one of many). Why I took it to school, I don’t know, probably because I wanted to look cool, or so that people thought I had fancy secrets. (Ha!). It is selling for $58.00 on Etsy so now I feel like an old fart that had antiques as school supplies. Aye…

Okay, you came here to learn some not-so-common Lisa Frank knowledge, not learn about my years as a young dorkster, so let’s get to it!

1. This is what “Lisa Frank” looks like:

Lisa Frank Rare Photo of Creator
Day of the Artist

Does she look like what you expected her to look like? It is likely you didn’t already know what she looks like because she is actually rarely photographed. Now you can face to the woman behind all that artsy magic that we all love.

2. Working for Lisa Frank was Miserable (According to former employees)

If you have ever googled Lisa Frank, in efforts of digging deeper into the company’s history, then you have likelly come across the overwhelming amount of stories from former employees of Lisa Frank at the Headquarters in Tuscon, AZ. This is what the HQ looks like:

Lisa Frank Headquarters

Adorable right? Well, sadly the building has been vacant for a couple of years, due to Lisa contracting out jobs. This might be a good thing though, judging by these examples of people sharing their horror stories of working there.

“Lisa Frank is notorious in Tucson as the world’s shittiest employer,” said Caroline, who considered applying for one of the many job openings at the company she saw advertised when she moved to Tucson in 2001, but decided against it after speaking with locals. “Every single person I talked to advised me to avoid Lisa Frank at all costs,” she said. “I didn’t know a single person who had not heard horror stories about the work environment there.”

“There was just this air of fear there,” said Marcia, a onetime graphic designer for LFI who remembered the office as being cold, both figuratively and literally. “It just seemed very clear, the mentality of it: keep it ice cold, keep people miserable and on edge. It was just insane—totally insane.”

According to Susan Russo, who worked as the Sales and Marketing Manager, “over 80 people walked out the door,” between February 2003 and December 2004, “most without notice because they had been treated so poorly.”

Every day was so stress full [sic] and hearing Lisa’s voice downstairs on a speaker phone made my blood run cold. I had many instances where she abused me verbally.

“It was like the worst place I’d ever worked,” said Karen, “Which is kind of ironic, given that they have rainbows and unicorns everywhere.”

James’ management style is abrasive and he often leads by intimidation. he is often abusive to some of his employees by his language and actions. He will never take someone to the side if he has an issue with them, instead he will scream and curse and belittle them in front of everyone. Whenever he hasn’t liked someone or they have crossed him in some way, he makes their work life miserable by his constant abusive comments and harassment.


I’ve worked for Lisa personally and her company on a contract basis. I’ve been to her home. I know her building inside and out.

I can’t express in words how fast and how far you should run from those (job) ads. You should probably just start doing meth so you are preoccupied and don’t accidentally apply for a job there.


I could list so many more examples, but I think you get the idea. I found this fascinating because how could working at a place decorated like this be filled with toxic people!?

Refinery 29

3. This is what one of Lisa Frank’s Earliest Paintings Looked Like:

Lisa Frank started her career by painting her art by hand in 1979, due to digital computer capabilities being limited.


4. Mila Kunis was in a Lisa Frank Commercial in 1996


5. A Lisa Frank Movie is in the Works

Lisa Frank, who specializes in merchandise with colorful psychedelic designs, is in development on a feature film about her world with producer Jon Shestack.

Plans are for a live-action and animation hybrid film about the world of Lisa Frank, who has been selling a wide variety of stickers, stationery, backpacks, trapper keepers, puzzles, coloring books and activities. The project does not yet have a title.

Elite Daily

Although there is not a release date yet, I know one thing for certain: I will be watching, wide-eyed and giddy with some neon colored popcorn.

If you were expecting to learn more about Lisa Frank herself, know that she is extremely private. So private that only 2 or 3 pictures exist of her on the internet and it is impossible to find a picture of her house. I wish I could see what it looks like since she describes it as this:

“My house really is purple and yellow and hot pink and light green and orange,”

The Cut

Now I will close this entry with my favorite LF designs:

Unicorn by Lisa Frank
World Lifestyle
Cookies & Sangria
Lisa Frank Dog Cat Popcorn
We Heart It




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