Top 10: Funniest Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Funniest Instagram Accounts to Follow!


1. Celeste Barber

This woman is my hero. She takes imitates various photos of celebrities and models who are super attractive and places both versions side by side. The idea is related to the whole “Expectation vs. Reality” concept that is popular in many memes. She does loads of them and they happen to be absolutely hilarious. Check her out on Instagram and you will be entertained for a long while!

Here is one of my favorites:

Instagram Celeste Barber Funny Expectation
Instagram: Celeste Barber

2. Betches

With over 6 million followers on Instagram, you know that something has to be good. In this case it is hilarious photos, memes and relatable posts. This one is so simple, but so relatable and funny:

Meme Feelings

Instagram: Betches

3. Miserable Men

Omg. Omg. Omg. These pictures are ridiculously hysterical. They post pictures of men waiting in malls, stores and other places, assuming they are waiting on their wife/girlfriend/daughter. I think the reason why it is so funny is because every single time I am at the mall I see this:

Funny Instagram Account Miserable Men

Instagram: Miserable Men 

4. Funny Cats

Do you like to look at funny cat pictures for fun? I do. This Instagram is purrfect if you like cute things that make you laugh. This one for example, who can relate?! Woo!

Funny Cats Memes Indtagram

Instagram: Funny Cats

5. Relatable Posts

These are super popular so I would be surprised if you weren’t following this account. Some of them make you think “Omg, I do that but thought I was the only one”, like this one:

So Relatable Instagram

Instagram: Relatable Posts

6. Cash Cats

This account is literally pictures of cats with mountains of cash. They are all funny and absolutely adorable. Felines with serious swag like this fella:

cash cats funny instagram

7. Memes Rofl

Memes, Memes, Memes! Oh boy, can I relate to this one:

Snoop Dogg Meme Snapchat

Instagram: Memes Rofl

8. Bestest Jokes

They really do post some of the “bestest” jokes. Many of them are funny because they are quite relatable. Who else knows what this is like:

best jokes instagram

Instagram: Bestest Jokes

9. Expectations vs. Reality

This one is also a collection of funny relatable-type posts that show how we expect things to go and how they really go. Then there are some photos that are simply just reality, like this one, that I can relate to SO much: (Hahahahahaha, be careful when you are laying in bed on your phone!)

Funny reality doll

Instagram: Expectations vs. Reality 

10. Girl With No Job

This account just tells it how it is. It is freaking hilarious. See:

Funny Donut Meme

Instagram: Girlwithnojob

Oh man, there is some good entertainment for you that will last hours and hours. Be sure to follow them so you never miss an update.

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Share your funny instagram accounts in the comments below! 🙂

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