The Ultimate Guide: 5 Ways to Combat Insomnia

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You’re very sleepy. You have had a long day on your feet and the only thing you want to do is plant your face into your pillow and catch some Z’s. Instead you just end up tossing and turning, occasionally thinking about your next meal as you are counting gigantic, laser-eyed sheep. Sound familiar? If you are like me, then you know the struggle all too well. You probably are reading this article right now in bed, desperate for some shut eye without having to chug down a bottle of NyQuil. (Don’t do it, trust me.) Fortunately, there are ways to tackle this problem without filling your body with prescriptions or over the counter medications that are harmful to your health. I have tried Ambien, NyQuil, Unisom, and ZzzQuil but none of them have relaxed me and relieved my insomnia symptoms as much as these tips I am about to share with you. These methods are not only simple and harm-free, but won’t leave you with a morning headache or grogginess. I hope these help you as much as they help me. Try them – what do you have to lose? (well, besides sleep, but if you have read this far, I would bet a good chunk of change that you don’t want that.)


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So Magnesium is probably the most helpful tip on this list and has truly been a miracle-worker for me. Why? Well, let’s first look at the basics and the benefits:

What is magnesium? A mineral involved in many processes in the body including nerve signaling, the building of healthy bones, and normal musclecontraction. About 350 enzymes are known to depend on magnesium. (Medical Net)

  • Helps Relieve Migraines
  • Helps Ease Nighttime Leg Cramps or Restless Leg Syndrome.
  • Insomnia or Trouble Sleeping.
  • Prevents magnesium deficiency which can lead to kidney/liver damage, behavioral disorders, mood swings, worsened PMS symptoms, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, muscle weakness, tooth cavities, digestion problems, and a weaker immune system. (Read More Here)

There are 2 ways that magnesium has helped me personally – supplement and liquid form. The following products are my personal recommendations that I use nightly, that have worked wonders for my sleep.

Pure Magnesium: Take 2 capsules before bed.  (Purchase on Amazon Here)

Magnesium Spray: Spray Oil on Feet, Legs and Knees before bed. (Purchase on Amazon Here)


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Alpha-Stim: technology is based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch, a visionary who blazed a trail to a much safer model of medicine, based on what the body actually is: a complex series of electrical impulses controlling all physiological functions. (Read More)

So, Alpha-Stim is a device that I also use on a daily basis that works specifically for Insomnia when used right before bed. This device works by safely modulates your brain’s electrochemical signals, balancing them out in order to promote a more restful sleep by reducing contributing symptoms including anxiety and depression. (Read More on how Alpha-Stim works for Insomnia)

So basically, the device, depending on the model you get, is handheld, and looks like there are some earbuds attached, but are actually little painless clamps that you apply to your earlobes. The device sends soft surges of electrical waves to your brain and relaxes you, without any harmful side effects. This device is quite expensive so if you are interested in trying this method, ask your doctor to prescribe you one. (Current models of this device are running from $795.00 – $1,195.00).

Eliminate Blue Light:

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I love to play on my phone while I am laying in bed. It is probably the number one highlight of my day. (Don’t judge). One thing I never knew until recently is the harmful effects that the blue artificial light have on sleep. These lights are commonly used on our electronic devices so if you enjoy candy crushing before bed, take this tip into consideration. (Read about blue light here)

There are 2 ways that you can improve your sleep by limiting this kind of light. You can simply disable the blue light on your phone settings (if you have the setting), or purchase a pair of blue-light blocking glasses.

The easiest and cheapest method is obviously disabling blue light from your phone at night. Here are steps to do this with both Apple and Android devices:



If you do not want to constantly switch the settings or if you do not have that capability on your phone or device, you can purchase these super stylish rock star glasses that will do it for you, regardless of the electronic device you are using.There are many different brands, styles and variations but if you are cheap like I am, I recommend these: Gamma Ray 003 Computer Readers for only $15.99

Essential Oils:

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Another technique that has helped me immensely is the use of essential oils. There are multiple ways to use essential oils, but my personal favorite is using a mini oil diffusing device to literally breathe in this benefit that just happens to smell fantastic.  I use a combination of lavender and chamomile oil but you can use any variation you like. There are other specific oils in this excellent article by Dr.Axe that may help you choose one that suits you here.

I use my oils with a device by Deneve, that is simple and effective to use. You simply pour a little water and your oil mixture into the device and a it will immediately fill your room with an amazing aroma, allowing you to relax and breathe in many benefits. One of the things I really love about this diffuser is the fact that it has a color-changing LED light on it that gives your surrounding a nice ambient vibe.

Sleepytime Tea:

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So, lets talk about this tea. It is literally a classic and is super affordable. You can get it at Walmart, Kroger, or other major retail store and you will not regret it. Now, if you don’t like got tea, this may not be your number one go-to remedy, but I haven’t had many people complain about the taste or effects of this tea. Not only that, the box has an adorable little teddy bear on the cover, sitting by the fire in his nightgown and little red hat. Just looking at the box will relax you. (Ha!) Simply have a cup of this before bed and you will definitely feel calmer and more likely to have a peaceful and efficient sleep. This tea works by combining the natrual benefits of chamomile, spearmint and lemongrass into a yummy cup of tea.

Not available at your local store? Check it out here: Celestial Seasonsings Sleepytime Tea.

I know how frustrating that the effects of insomnia can be and truly hope that any or all of these remedies help you get the good night sleep that you deserve. Do you have any other suggestions that you think should be added? Let me know in the comments or simply share your story on how any of these products have personally helped you.

Sweet Dreams,

– Crystal <3

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