10 Pairs of Unique Earrings for a Unique You

So I recently bought some arrow earrings (I will feature them in this post later), and I adore them. It looks as if I stuck an arrow through my earlobe, It made me wonder why I couldn’t seem to find any other similar style of earrings that give you that cool illusion. I searched on Amazon for hours trying to find something similar but wasn’t having any luck. Then, I browsed the web for hours and ended up finding some pretty rad RANGS for your ears.

1. Otis Jaxon Earrings

How cool are these optical illusion earrings? It only looks like she pierced it in all kinds of directions! The company has a cool Esty site full of similar styles: Otis Jaxon

cool earrings

2. Custom Obsessories Face Earrings

So, these are just awesome because you can put your best friends FACE above each shoulder with these custom photo earrings. It is so creepy that it is sweet. Right? Hmmmm, maybe I would use a photo of my dog instead. Purchase Here: Obsessories

Obsessories Earrings

3. Gummy Bear Earrings

YAAAAS. I love gummy bears so much. I would rock these so hard. The best part? Calorie free! Get it: Candy Warehouse

Gummy Bear Earrings


4. Amethyst Chunk Earrings

For all of those who want to rock a rock. Get it: Etsy

Amethyst Earrings Ccool Crystal

5.  Mirror of the Soul Drop Earrings

These are fantastically amazing, but also…terrifying. Look closer. Get them: Unique Vintage

Soul Drop Earrings Purple Silver

6.  Mermaid Tail Earrings

Hey now, don’t flip out, they’re just earrings. Get here: Claires

Mermaid Tail Earrings

7.  Balloon Animal Earrings

As if the mermaid tails weren’t adorable enough, goodness gracious these are poppin. Get them: Dotoly

Balloon Animal Earrings Pink 3D

8. 3D Unicorn Earrings

Let the unicorn ride YOU for once. Get here: Shut Up and Take my Money

Unicorn Earrings 3D

9. M&M Earrings

These will definitely not melt in your hand, but they will make your heart melt because they are so freaking cute. Get here: Groop Dealz

M&M earrings candy

10. Arrow Earrings

These are the ones I was talking about in the introduction of this post. Aren’t they amazing?! Get them here: Amazon 

Arrow Earrings 3D

That’s all for now but more earring posts to come!


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