A-Z: Totally Awesome Things from the ’90s!

I am one of those twenty-somethings who often wonders what it would had been like to be a teenager in the 90’s. What the heck is a pager? How did people survive without GPS Navigation? Music was actually on cassette tapes – I know, so weird. There are things that I do remember that I miss dearly, such as choker necklaces, platform shoes, tacky body glitter and N’sync. Now, I admit, I am too young to remember anything from before the year of 1995 but what I do remember, consists of the following people, places and things that made the 90’s oh so totally awesome!

A – ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’

“Are You Afraid of the Dark” was a hit television show that dominated late night TV, particularly my all-time favorite channel ever as a kid – Nickelodeon! The show aired from 1990 to 2000, featuring a group of kids sitting around  a campfire, telling each other scary stories. (Photo Credit: Strange Kids Club)


B – Beanie Babies

Oh My. My grandma collected these like it was nobody’s business! Starting in 1993, the world went completely nuts for these miniture stuffed toys. (Photo Credit: Money Inc.)

C – Cory and Topanga

Boy Meets World – one of those 90’s shows that always had our attention. Everyone wanted a relationship like Cory and Topanga had. The show lasted from 1993-2000, giving us 7 seasons to binge on and witness true relationship goals. (Photo Credit: And Pop).

Boy Meets World

D – D.A.R.E.

Who could ever forget D.A.R.E!? Although the substance abuse prevention program was founded in 1983, it was still a huge part of every 90’s kid’s lives. I remember police officers coming in to our classroom in elementary school to educate us about resisting peer-pressure when it comes to drug use. The coolest part about D.A.R.E though, was the gear – and by gear, I mean the vintage t-shirts and school supplies. Oh, and yes, this dorky fanny pack did exist. (Photo Credit: Things from The 90s)

D.A.R.E. 90s Fanny Pack

E – Easy Bake Oven

Even if you have never owned an Easy-Bake oven, you definitely saw all the commercial advertisements that completely dominated our TVs. Every kid wanted one! (Photo Credit: The Dieline)

Easy Bake Oven

F – Floppy Disks

So, I have never used a floppy disk, but I do remember seeing them around in the 90’s! (Photo Credit: Children of the 90’s)

90s Floppy Disks

G – Glitter

I don’t mean just any glitter. I am talking about roll-on glitter and big flaky glitter that was embedded into literally everything. Who can forget the ‘Art Stuff‘ line!?

Art Stuff Body Glitter

H – Hanson

One word: MmmBop. (Photo Credit: What Culture)

I – Ice Ice Baby

Even though this Vanilla Ice song was released in 1990 and honestly is not very good, it still managed to be in all of our heads and actually still is. “Dun dun dun dun-dun-dun-dun” (Photo Credit: NME)

Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice

J – JNCO Jeans

Oh the horror! I admit that these things were (and are) absolutely atrocious! But even if you love to hate them, the 90’s wouldn’t have been complete without them. (Photo Credit: The Weekender)

JNCO Jeans

K – Keychains

Keychains, keychains and more keychains! The more keychains you had on your backpack, the cooler you were. Remember Tamagotchi keychains? (Photo Credit: Hear Good News)


L – Lisa Frank

My all-time favorite brand as a kid was Lisa Frank. School supplies of all kinds were plastered with adorable, bright and colorful prints. We were all obsessed and still are! (GIF Credit: Elite Daily)

M – Melissa Joan Hart

Remember ‘Clarissa Explains it All”? Well, if you don’t then you definitely remember “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” (Photo Credit: Playbuzz)

N – Nickelodeon

The greatest cartoons and TV Shows in the 90’s were definitely on Nickelodeon. Nothing was better than relaxing after school to watch what the Rugrats were up, how Helga’s crush on ‘football head’ was going and the hilarious adventures of Kenan and Kel.

Nickelodeon TV 90s

O – Olsen Twins

In the 90’s, the Olsen twins were the coolest duo on the planet, at least to me. From “To Grandmother’s House We Go” to the hit TV show “Two of a Kind”, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were pop culture phenomenons. Remember these videos? (Photo Credit: Wet Paint)

P – Pop Music

Not just any pop music – I am talking about N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, and last but certainly not least: Christina Aguilera. (Photo Credit: Star Celebrity Noise)Xtina Aguilera

Q – Quizzes

Remember teen magazines and the ridiculous quizzes? They were a lot cheesier in the 90’s but we took them so seriously! But boy were they were fun! (Photo Credit: Titan Magazines)

R- Roseanne

Okay, so this is pretty much my favorite show EVER but when I was younger I didn’t appreciate it. Now that I am an adult, I consider this another gem of the 90’s! If you haven’t seen it, you definitely need to because this show is hilarious, witty and a true classic. (Photo Credit: Yes! Movies)

Roseanne Conner

S – Socker Boppers

All you need to do in order to go back to the good old times of 1997, is to watch the Socker Boppers commercial which features the epic theme song that features the products slogan: “More Fun than…a pillow fight!” (Photo Credit: Tell Wut)

90s Toys


Total Request Live was the best entertainment show to watch, well, at least back when MTV was awesome.

TRL 1999
Members of the N’SYNC pose with Carson Daly at MTV Studios in New York City’s Times Square. (photo by Todd Plitt)

U – Uncle Jesse

‘Full House’ came to an end much too soon, mainly because no one could get enough of Uncle Jesse’s hair. Need a Jesse GIF to remind you? You got it, dude!

Full House Uncle Jesse GIF
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Ah, VHS tapes. Those large rectangular annoyances that come in a bulky plastic cover, that would you blow into when they wouldn’t work. Thank goodness for DVDs, right!? Even though we appreciate that VHS tapes are now ancient history, go ahead and admit it –  you secretly miss your VHS Disney collection,

VHS Tape 1989

W – Windows 98′

I am getting bored just looking at this screenshot. Back when computers were simply internet explorer, minesweeper, solitaire, and a recycle bin. (Photo Credit: Win World)

Windows 98 computer

X – Xena

Xena the warrior princess – every guys dream in 1995.

Xena Warrior Princess

Y – You’ve Got Mail!

The well-known “You’ve Got Mail” trademark that represented AOL was pretty much the most exciting sound on the planet. The voice of the slogan was actually from a man named Elwood Edwards. If you remember logging into this view, you definitely remember. (Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

90s AOL Mail

Z – Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Zetus Lapetus! Wasn’t this show the best thing ever!? The awesome clothing, cool hair styles, and of course, Protozoa!  Hmm, I spy with my little eye…Kirsten Storms and Raven-Symoné! (Photo Credit: Culturalist)

Disney 90s

So, this list contains just some of the best memories from the 90’s, so feel free to contribute to the nostalgia below, by sharing your favorite things from the 90’s!


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